Adidas spotlight: the styles to love

Adidas spotlight: the styles to love

We’re loving adidas sneakers right now (shout-out to the Pure, Adapt, Advantage & Ultimate Fusion). Pair for the finishing touch to an Instagram-worthy look. Or gear up, slip them on and get ready to take on the day. These are some of our favorite—and soon to be yours—ways to strut in adidas. These sneakers make a statement. And we can’t wait to see how you work them!

Stand out strong

Turn up your style with the adidas Pure. These so, so comfortable sneakers (in so many colors, too!) punctuate every outfit. Go loud with mix-and-match prints, finishing with the blue adidas Pure. Or tone down your bold in a neutral ensemble with a pop of color from your sneakers. Level up and go!

Lose the laces

The adidas Adapt is the shoe of your dreams. This easy slip-on style lets you complete a fierce look, no matter what you wear or what time of day. Especially ideal for those days when you hit snooze one too many times and need to get out the door quick. The clean profile and modern design gives us a glimpse to into what we (really, really!) love about new sneakers: fresh styles for fresh looks! And we’re loving this color, BTW.

Signature silhouette

Easily one of the more recognizable sneakers, the adidas Advantage features those 3 signature stripes we know and love. The best part about this style is the versatility – you can wear them with anything! Dress them down with jeans or dress them up with a skirt (we love the trendy pleated skirts!). Go ahead and show off that shoe silhouette.

Head-to-toe looks

The adidas Ultimafusion sneakers are perfect to complement monochrome vibes. These black and white (& grey!) beauties are made for walking—everywhere! And to match—everything! What else makes this a noteworthy look? Accessories, of course! Like an adidas backpack. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

How do you rock your pair of adidas? And which style is your favorite? Let us know! And pin this blog for adidas inspiration.