Top 3 Must-Wear Color Trends of Spring

Top 3 Must-Wear Color Trends of Spring

Be one step ahead of the latest trends with a color palette made for spring. The highlighted hues include blush, blue and olive green. Pick a color and wear your mood on your feet. From sandals and sneakers, to slip ons, have fun with your look this season.


This season’s sweetheart is the muted, blush trend. The desaturated hue is the new neutral every outfit can utilize. Rediscover your love for neutral tones and take it one step further with the dusty hue that looks good on you. This pastel is even cuter in spring as you stop to smell the blossoms.


So long winter blues, and hello blue-hued spring. From bright to quiet tones, your step is getting a major refresh. These top blue picks are better basics for your look. Some of the trend favorites even feature distinct textures that add a little something extra to your look (hello gold accents and buckles!). So go ahead and treat yourself to something new in blue this season.


It’s officially green season. Like the foliage and buds in bloom, this rich olive is growing on us. So go for bold in the so fresh, so green hue that fits right in with your spring mix. Wear these sandals and sneakers with your go-to jeans or casual sundresses. Step into a new direction this season in neutral olive. Pin this blog for the ultimate guide to spring shades.