3 Easy Ways to Style Your Classic Birkenstocks

3 Easy Ways to Style Your Classic Birkenstocks

Footbed sandals are in the forecast this season. And don’t miss the season’s headliner: Birkenstocks. You know them, you love them. And now they work with just your style. From festivals to hometown adventures, wear your Birkenstocks your way. They go with everything! So get your look together, it’s almost showtime. Are you ready?

Boho vibes

Hit the road and turn up your festival style in your go-to Birkenstock sandals. The spotlight this season is on the Arizona sandal. Stand out in the sea of people with a patterned dress, fun fringe and statement earrings. One of our favorite color combos is light blue and pink! The natural look and feel of the sandal complements almost any look. So you can easily swap outfits while stepping in your same signature pair (talk about packing light!).

Dreamy Details

Sashay away in a daydreamy ensemble. A light and airy-themed outfit allows your accessories to shine. This look is ideal for your next day out. So put together your basics and adorn it with a little bit of this and that. Start with the shades! Next, bring your backpack for a chic, yet functional touch of boho. And don’t forget a long, gold (pop of color optional!) necklace to really bring the look together. Birkenstock sandals finish the look with some sophisticated fun (hello, comfort!).

Everyday Earthy

Find your style roots with a garden-inspired look. Flawlessly go from brunch to the park in your down-to-earth outfit. Birkenstock sandals are the season’s hottest trend and it’s only going to get bigger—they go with it all! Piece together your look with casual jeans and a light top (check out those details!). Finish with a layered necklace and of course, your favorite Birkenstock Arizona! Pin this blog for the ultimate style guide to your Birkenstock sandals.