Holiday Gift Guide: Creative Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Holiday Gift Guide: Creative Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Shopping for yourself is easy. But shopping for others? Not so much. No worries, though. We’re on a mission to make sure you give the ones you love the best, most thoughtful gifts they’ll receive all season! So without further ado, here are the top four picks on our list, for everyone on yours…

For the Fitness Fanatic: Nike Flex

Whether she hits the gym before dawn or just likes looking the part (we’re not here to judge), the Nike Flex has her name on it. It’s made for running, but it’s also cute enough to wear as an everyday shoe. Throw in some other workout gear and treat her to the total fitness package.         

For the Homebody: Minnetonka

Everyone deserves a lazy day every now and then. Treat him to some R&R with these ultra-cozy Minnetonka slippers.They’re plush, cozy and so comfy that he’ll want to wear them outside the house (try and make sure he doesn’t, though…).        

For the Stars: Skechers Energy Lights

She already has the ability to light up any room…and with these light-up shoes, she’ll (literally!) be able to do just that. Skechers Energy Lights are the perfect complement to her already-bright personality. You glow, girl.

For the Little Athletes: Nike Kawa Sport Slides

If he never stops moving, make sure he has shoes that make it fun to be on the go. Like the Nike Kawa sport slide. No matter where he’s headed (school? basketball practice? five birthday parties in one weekend?), these are easy to slip on and off in a hurry. And most importantly, he’ll feel cool doing it.