Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in adidas

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in adidas

Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that inspired you to be bold? To try new things? To (you guessed it) step outside your comfort zone? We think that the right pair of fashion sneakers can have that effect. Especially the adidas Racer. It’s fresh, cool and always ready for anything—which comes in handy when taking chances. Oh, and it’s also super comfy. (We never said you literally needed to step outside your comfort zone.)

It’s time to lace up your adidas and go boldly in a direction you’ve never gone before.

Why is stepping outside your comfort zone important?

  • It boosts your confidence. Every time you challenge yourself and come out on the other side, you get stronger.
  • It enhances your creativity! When you do different things, you think different thoughts, which is key for a creative life.
  • It gives you perspective. You’ll never know how far you’ve come until you look back.
  • It increases your productivity. (Who doesn’t want that?!)
  • It helps you think on your feet.

How to step outside of your comfort zone…

  • Take a different route to work.
  • Unplug your devices and go offline for an entire day.
  • Order a new type of food at a restaurant.
  • Listen to new music.
  • Sit somewhere new in your own home (if you always watch TV on one side of the couch, move to the other)!
  • Write down your goals and hang them up where you can look at them.
  • Volunteer in an area you don’t normally spend time in.
  • Smile more. At everyone.

Remember, these are just suggestions. Your own steps can range from small (like rocking a pair of high fashion sneakers you wouldn’t normally wear) to big (like starting that company you’ve always dreamed about).

Let us know how you’re stepping outside your comfort zone—and don’t forget to shop adidas (and more!) on