How to Stay Motivated to Work Out (with Under Armour!)

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out (with Under Armour!)

Let’s face it: the couch is always going to feel more inviting than the gym. To help you stay on track, we’ve put together a list of ways to stay motivated for those times when everything else sounds better than exercising.

Our favorite tips are below, featuring one of our favorite brands: Under Armour.

Sweat in Style

Is there anything better than a new pair of shoes? (Trick question—of course not.) From the second you lift them out of the box, there’s just so much potential. For a moment, let yourself daydream about the places you’ll go, the personal records you’ll break and the positive changes you’ll make. When that moment is up, put them on and test them out. You’ll be surprised at how much the way you look can make you feel. For an instant boost of motivation, we recommend the Under Armour Speed Swift and the Under Armour Charged Escape.

Mental Stretches

Sometimes, exercise is more mental than physical. That’s where a mantra comes in handy. Find a phrase that inspires you and repeat it in your head (or out loud!) to help push past those moments where giving up sounds better than giving it your all. If you need some help coming up with a mantra, here are some we love:

  • “Just breathe.”
  • “No one has ever regretted a workout.”
  • “Clear your mind of can’t.”

Pictured: Under Armour Charged Escape

Goal For It

Having a hard time getting motivated? Try setting a new goal to work toward. It doesn’t matter what the goal is—what matters is just that each workout feels like it has a newfound purpose. Whether you want to start leading a healthier lifestyle, run a 5K without stopping or beat your personal record, this goal will help inspire you in the moments you need it most. Pro tip: For an extra boost, write down your goal and look at it every day!

Pictured: Under Armour Speed Swift

How do you stay motivated? Share your tips in the comments with us, and shop Under Armour on!