And the Newest “It” Colors Are…

And the Newest “It” Colors Are…

When you’re a kid, you’re defined by your favorites. Favorite food, favorite animal, favorite song, favorite movie, favorite book…and the list goes on. They’re the questions we answered on our “All About Me” poster boards and split up by group during first day of school icebreakers. Many times the most definitive “favorite” was “favorite color”. Pink girls could never understand why purple girls didn’t pick the girliest of the girly colors. Orange and yellow lovers could never convince others to pick their less traditional favorites. As a kid, it was hard to see past your own favorite and imagine why anyone would pick anything else. Well, we’re happy to announce that there are some new favorite colors in town and you don’t have to pick just one. These are the new hues trending now—which one will you wear first?

Crush on Blush

The hot new color of 2017, these blushing beauties have been popping up all over this past year. This ever-so-pale shade of pink is becoming a new neutral and looks great with all your wardrobe staples. From cute high tops for girls to slip ons and sneakers for women, this new hue is trending in a big way across the board.

Perfect Pairing: Blush colored shoes really pop when worn with white jeans!

Golden Girl

Gold has long signified the color of victory and these sneakers are no different. From subtle gold pops to all-over color, these styles are ready to help you rise to the top. Bold branding from some of the biggest names including Nike, Converse, Puma and adidas, sweetens the deal even more.

Perfect Pairing: Classic denim really complements a golden glow.

Burgundy Bliss

Rich and indulgent, these luxe burgundy styles bring a sophisticated spin to any casual look. This color is surprisingly versatile and is a sure way to make a unique statement every time they’re worn.

Perfect Pairing: Play up burgundy’s complementary color and wear with olive green or camo utility pants.

See all the trends here—and find your new favorite!