Tanjun Takeover: How Bloggers Wear this Nike Fan Favorite

Tanjun Takeover: How Bloggers Wear this Nike Fan Favorite

Over the past few years, the popularity of sneakers worn for everyday purposes has grown bigger than anyone could have ever predicted. “Lifestyle” sneakers are what the shoe industry has come to call them but a “do-it-all” shoe is how you have come to know it. Plain and simple: The Nike Tanjun is the shoe you live your life in. It’s a style you can throw on to be comfortable yet stay trendy when running around with the kids. It’s what you “dress up” when you meet girlfriends out for coffee. It’s what you run errands in on the weekends with kids in tow. All these reasons are what make it great… its versatility, its comfort and its style. In the Nike Tanjun, you can truly do it all.

We asked a few of our favorite bloggers to share how they’re wearing this popular style and tell us how it fits into their daily lives.

Tabitha Blue – @tabithablue

“I’m grateful the athleisure trend isn’t going anywhere soon. With a dab of lipstick and a simple accessory or two, even the most comfortable of outfits looks stylish and put together. But the best part? Athleisure wear and my Nike Tanjuns help me keep up with the busy pace of raising a big family!”

Betsy V. – @thatsbetsyv

“There’s been a whole trend lately where sneakers are a must-have for all wardrobes. I didn’t believe it until I started to dress in my Tanjuns while wearing comfy sweats and then brought them out again when I wanted to be a bit fancier. They definitely brought an edgier vibe to the look!”

Miko Bowen – @mikobowen

“I love my Nike Tanjuns. They are not only comfortable but also on-trend. They go with me from helping my kids get ready for school in the morning to walking them to school to hanging out and gathering some me-time!”

Kate Crandall – @katecrandall

“Being a mom of young children requires a lot of running and I’m constantly trying to keep up. My Nike Tanjuns are super comfortable and they help me accomplish all of my mom duties. Also, I keep these shoes on if I find time to go out with my friends because I want to maintain comfort and functionality without sacrificing style.”

Sarah Fortune – @sarahfortune

“As a working mom, my life can get pretty crazy. My Nike Tanjuns help me keep up with my little one – in style.”