The New “It” Shoe (hint: it’s from adidas!)

The New “It” Shoe (hint: it’s from adidas!)

Every once in a blue moon (ok, maybe more often than that) a certain shoe style takes over. It’s worn by A-list celebrities everywhere and trendsetters of all ages. Eventually it’s seen on sidewalks of cities across the country and makes its way into your closet! Well, the new “it” shoe is here (drumroll, please) and it’s this crafty little classic sneaker from adidas. But you must be thinking, Wait! I’ve seen this shoe before. This is nothing new!? Well, you’re right (kind of). Although this same classic style was popular in the ‘80s hip-hop scene and then experienced a resurgence again in the late ‘90s to early 2000s, it’s back again today! And people are wearing it in more ways than ever. If you’re looking for a sneaker that can be worn with jeans, sweats AND dresses (yes, dresses!), this is your shoe. And we’re showing you how to wear this adidas to suit your every mood.

Crisp and Confident

For those days when you’re rocking that business casual but still want to be comfy and trendy, we recommend the adidas Baseline white sneaker. This is the crisp classic you’ll recognize from the past but with an updated, sleaker look. We love it with fitted cargos, a striped tee and a blazer (don’t forget to roll the sleeves!). Add an oversized structured bag to play up the sophistication of this ensemble.

Pretty and Playful

This pretty in pink version of the adidas Baseline features monochromatic pink stripes and laces for your most playful of moods. Pair this sweet sneak with flowy floral dress for distinctly feminine flair. We are digging this high-low hemline to really show off those shoes.

Cool and Casual

For laid-back style that’s perfect for lounging on the weekend or hanging out with friends, this burgundy sneaker is the way to nail the popular athleisure look. Again, we see monochromatic stripes and laces in a deep merlot color for a truly trendy take on this classic adidas sneaker. Just add comfy knit joggers and a cool jean/sweatshirt jacket combo to top off your weekend uniform.

Bold and Daring

When you feel like giving off an edgy vibe, this black adidas sneaker is your go-to. While the classic black and white color combo is considered a great neutral, we love it with this chunky knit sweater and bold leather jacket for a daring tough-girl look.

No matter which one you choose (and who says you have to pick just one!), there’s no limit to how you can make this style your own. Shop all the styles of the adidas Baseline here on!