Blogger Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with YouTube Personality and Lifestyle Blogger Betsy V.

Blogger Spotlight: Behind the Scenes with YouTube Personality and Lifestyle Blogger Betsy V.

You know what time it is…today, we’re getting up close and personal with lifestyle blogger Betsy V. On her blog, Betsy V. covers everything from parenting tales to fashion tips (with a special shout-out to shoes, of course). To combine her passion for acting with her love of blogging, Betsy V. also runs a video blog on YouTube.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post, followed by our exclusive Q&A session.

On the Betsy-V. blog…

“When it comes to fashion…I like pieces that are both fashionable and gentle on my pockets. Which is why I’ve always shopped at Famous Footwear: they have hundreds of styles, something for your whole family, and price ranges for all pockets. I decided to get the Kami Peep Toe Booties in both the color oatmeal and black. Three things I loved about these booties: price point, subtle details like the zipper and wood block heel, and the height of the heel.”

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: Fun, vibrant, playful and versatile. Sometimes I just want to throw shorts, a tee and flats on and be in my comfy mommy mood. Other days, I want to dress up like I’m heading to a royal ball, but in reality, I’m just going food shopping!

Q: What makes you feel confident throughout the day?
I feel most confident when I remember my own flaws, knowing that there’s only one me—crazy, lively and on fire. No one is perfect, so why not flaunt your strengths and accept your weaknesses, right?!

Q: What’s your go-to style of shoe?
Comfortable with enough height to give my 5’1 frame a lift.

Q: How do you put your best foot forward as a life and style blogger?
For me, putting my best foot forward in life (as a mom, YouTube personality and blogger) is simply trying to learn from yesterday, live in the present and look toward the light of mine and my family’s future. I embrace my imperfections, enjoy life’s messy moments and know that as long as I do what I love well, I’m leaping forward every single day!

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