Blogger Spotlight: Five Minutes Of Life, Shoes & Style Talk With the Fashion Guru Behind Madam Andrews

Blogger Spotlight: Five Minutes Of Life, Shoes & Style Talk With the Fashion Guru Behind Madam Andrews

We love blogs (duh). That’s why we’re especially excited about our new blogger spotlight series. Over the next few months, we’re going to go behind the scenes with a few of our favorite bloggers for an inside look at what inspires them to put their best foot forward.

So without further ado…meet Karlee Andrews, Utah-based blogger and voice behind Madam Andrews. In her blog, Karlee talks fashion, décor, travel and more. Check out an excerpt of a recent blog post below, followed by our exclusive Q&A sesh.

On the Madam Andrews blog…

It’s so interesting to me to see how different styles come in and out and then back in again. There’s a lot of retro styles coming back right now and for the most part, I’m all about it. Some styles are a little too much for me… I see high school kids nowadays that look like they just popped out of a Saved By The Bell set, but hey, we all wore funky stuff in our teens! I do, however, love some good ol’ Converse High Tops, and it seems like everybody’s wearing them. I feel like there’s a broader age range of appropriateness when it comes to classic Converse. Teens and adults alike can get away with it.

Some other retro trends that I’m diggin’:

Ascot Scarves: They are so feminine and so classy. I love the ways that they’re being styled right now.

High-Waisted Jeans: I’m pretty much all about the high-waisted jeans these days. I think that they’re way more comfortable and I also think they’re cuter. I can’t handle a low-rise jean like I used to.

Overalls: I LOVE OVERALLS. They are way more flattering now (thank goodness) and I just adore the edge that they can bring to an outfit.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I would say that my style is classy with a bit of edge. I like to be edgy and on-trend, but I also like elements of my outfit to be timeless.

Q: What makes you feel confident throughout the day?
A: Getting ready to some good pump-up music in the morning really helps me feel confident and ready to tackle my day. It just puts me in that much-needed fresh and revived mindset. I think that starting out my day with those positive musical vibes really sets the tone for my level of confidence in the morning.

Q: What’s your go-to style of shoe?
A: This season, it’s definitely sandals or sneakers. Slip-on sandals are so fabulously easy to throw on in the morning (hallelujah), but I also love how sneakers are evolving right now. I dig the versatility in footwear. It makes me a happy gal!

Q: How do you put your best foot forward as a life and style blogger?
A: I really believe that being positive helps so much. Having a blog means that you are putting yourself out there and being vulnerable, which can be really scary. Helping other bloggers succeed and encouraging them is one way that I put my best foot forward. Focusing on aiding others and getting involved in the blogging community helps me to ignore any negativity that comes my way.

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All images courtesy of Ashlee Brooke Photography.