A Day in the Life with US Sailing Team Sperry’s Caleb Paine

A Day in the Life with US Sailing Team Sperry’s Caleb Paine

My dad introduced me to the water when I was young, and I’ve loved it ever since. At an early age, I was able to sail in a boat by myself. There was something powerful about that to me.

Today, I’m honored and excited to be a member of US Sailing Team Sperry. As a member of the team, I’m always training. On practice days, I meet with my coach in the morning to discuss our plan for the day. I usually spend about two hours in the gym, and then we sail for around three hours, or until that day’s objective has been achieved. For each day I don’t sail, I spend four days on the water to make up for it.

Sailing is a unique sport because it depends so much on your environment. We sail in just about everything, with a few exceptions—like lack of wind, wind over about 40mph and lightning storms.

The most challenging part of every day is making sure I’ve checked off all the training checklist boxes. I spend a lot of time working on logistical details, but my main focus is accomplishing goals on the water, which brings me closer to Olympic Gold!

At night, when I’m not sailing, I like to work on my car. I have a 1998 BMW convertible that I bought used for $500. I also like hiking and enjoying everything Southern California has to offer. But ever since I fell in love with the sport years ago, the best part of my day has always been the same: pushing my boat away from shore and heading out to sail.