3 Types of Prom Shoes for Every Kind of Girl

3 Types of Prom Shoes for Every Kind of Girl

It’s prom season! Cue the dress shopping, limo booking and party planning. From the promposal (you can’t make this stuff up) to the dance floor, every girl deserves to have the best night ever. And if you ask us, it all comes down to the right pair of shoes.

What’s her style?

Glittery Glam  

Calling all belles of the ball, this pair of shoes is for you! These gems are perfect for a more formal ensemble. Think old Hollywood—long dresses, classic updos and elegant accessories.

Sporty Fresh 

Being the life of the party is hard work…and it definitely requires some cool, comfy kicks. If she’s more into busting a move than bustling a dress, these sneaks are the way to go.

Pretty Chic

Every down-to-earth diva knows that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. And these sandals keep things casually fabulous. They’re just the right mix of cute and carefree.

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