Tips for Running in the Winter

Tips for Running in the Winter

We know it’s cold outside. We know it gets dark at 3 p.m. And we know your couch is SO comfortable. But we also know about that promise you made to yourself…the one where you vowed to run. All the time. No matter what. So we’re going to help you stick to it.

Let’s be honest: Running outside in the winter is tough. But if you’re prepared, that makes all the difference. Use this checklist to get ready—and get out there!

Layer up:

Try to wear technical fabrics that wick away sweat.
–       Long-sleeved shirt
–       Leggings (add another layer on top of these if it’s under 30 degrees)
–       Moisture-absorbent socks
–       Lightweight fleece vest
–       Gloves
–       Hat
–       Scarf
–       Reflective or fluorescent gear (if you’re running at night)

Get hot in here:

Warm up indoors before heading outside
–       Stretch your legs
–       Jog in place
–       Run the stairs
–       Jump rope

Treat yourself:

Because you’ve earned it.
–       Cool down
–       Change into warm clothes
–       Drink something warm (break out the hot chocolate)

Want more info? Check out our video below!