We Share Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

We Share Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

It’s gotten to that time of year when sugar plums are dancing in little heads, trees are decorated, and stockings are hung. The winter holidays are often about shopping and gifts, but what really makes them special is family. Each family has its own unique traditions for celebration, and many years, more traditions are begun anew.

We’re happy to share some favorite traditions from around the Famous Footwear home office.

“I started a Christmas tradition a few years ago. I watch Love Actually while I’m wrapping gifts. It makes the process much more enjoyable. :)” – Karin

“My family celebrates the season on Christmas eve. I’m a photographer and on Christmas day, I make waffles and pick a park, neighborhood, or someplace we’ve never been to visit and take photos. Last year I plotted a few local oddities and we drove around taking silly snaps of some local gems including a giant soda bottle, a giant Futurama replica, and a giant cement pig… then as the day closes, we join family for a big dinner. We always look forward to the adventure and the time alone in the middle a hectic holiday season.” – Kym

“I put up my tree right after Halloween and don’t take it down until after Valentine’s Day. The first part is tradition, the second part is laziness.” – Melanie

“My family celebrates on Christmas Eve. After dinner, we would always go for a drive to look at Christmas lights so ‘Santa’ could visit. We still do this even though there are no more young kids in the family, to keep the tradition alive.” – Travis

“As long as I can remember, my family has always had a big brunch on Christmas morning. When I was little, we’d all go to my grandparents’ house for brunch right after opening our presents at home. Now that I have a family of my own, we gather at my parents’ house after opening presents to enjoy brunch together. I love that my kids will have the same Christmas morning memories that I have from my childhood.” – Sara

Tell us about your favorite holiday traditions in the comments!