5 Kid-Assisted DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

5 Kid-Assisted DIY Gift Wrap Ideas

When the pile of gifts you have to wrap seems daunting, get into the holiday spirit by including the kids. Wrapping presents with your children may not always result in exquisitely wrapped packages, but they’ll be far more personalized and memorable. Not to mention, having little hands to help you out is much more fun than going it alone.

Get Coloring

Keep a big roll of craft paper handy for the holidays. Pull out a long sheet and draw Christmas trees, ornaments, angels or creative, abstract swirls in green and red. Have your child write the name of the recipient and draw a big heart, then wrap the present with this handmade wrapping paper for a from-the-heart gift.

Animal Gift Boxes

Turn those boring gift boxes into cute animals children will love to make – and receive. Place the present in the box, and wrap it in brown paper. Cut ears out of excess paper and tape them onto the corners. You can add paper paws and feet, too, if you like, and have your kids draw the faces with crayons. If they feel like getting extra creative, have them glue on pompoms for the nose and attach wiggly eyes instead of drawing them. Bears, bunnies and cats are particularly easy to make, but if you let your imaginations go crazy, who knows what kinds of animals you’ll end up with?

Apple Stamps

You can use any kind of stamp to decorate your own wrapping paper, but apple stamps give you an excuse to pause for a healthy snack. Cut around the core of an apple, and then cut it in half lengthwise. If you don’t want an apple shape, use the tip of your knife to cut away the corners, creating your own shape, such as a circle, star or snowflake. Dip the stamp into white paint and press onto blue wrapping paper, or get creative and make a rainbow of snowflakes.

Hold the Glitter

Kids love glitter, but these colorful flecks can prove a tad too messy. Try using sequins instead. Place your gift in a box and wrap it in solid-colored paper. Then have your child draw designs on the top and sides with school glue. Sprinkle sequins over the designs, and let it dry. You’ll end up with a gift that was expertly wrapped by you – but lovingly decorated by your little one.

Thumbprint Reindeer

Pull out that roll of paper and pour a little washable paint onto a paper plate. Have your child paint thumbprints scattered all over the paper, leaving at least three inches between each. Once they’ve dried, draw antlers, noses and eyes onto each thumbprint. Don’t forget about Rudolph! Wrap your gift and glue a little red pompom to one of the reindeer visible on top of the gift, and Rudolph will lead the way.


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