Stick With It: 5 Ways to Stay in Shape This Year

Stick With It: 5 Ways to Stay in Shape This Year

The New Year is a time to recommit to fitness, but job demands and a busy household can cause you to veer off track. Keep a pair of gym shoes on hand, and you’ll be motivated to squeeze fitness into any day. Have a pair at the office, in your gym bag and right by your front door, so you’re always ready to be active.

Make Time to Walk

More than half the average person’s waking hours are spent in front of a computer, watching television or commuting, but too much sitting is bad for your health. Instead, resolve to move more in the New Year.

Mom can put on a pair of blue-gray women’s Nike Flex Supremes and walk while waiting for the kids to finish soccer or dance practice. Dad, stash your dress shoes in your briefcase, and lace up a pair of men’s Nike Invigor in gray and electric yellow volt as you head to work. Keep these Nikes by the front door as a reminder to take a walk after dinner.

Squeeze in a Lunchtime Session

Have some free time during your work day? Head out for a midday power walk. When walking outdoors isn’t an option, find a staircase in your office building to climb up and down for 20 or 30 minutes. Doing so in heels or loafers isn’t comfortable, so tuck a pair of women’s black-and-purple Nike Flex Trainer 5 or gray-and-black men’s Nike Flex Experience running shoes under the desk. Lace them up for a brief workout, and then eat a healthy lunch at the desk.

Make Your Session Short and Sweet

Devote just 20 minutes to an intense workout four times a week to optimize your health. A pair of performance running shoes, such as a gray-and-pink pair of women’s Nike FS Lites or gray-and-blue men’s Nike FS Lites, allows you to hit the treadmill with style and performance power. Alternate a minute or two of fast running with strength moves, such as squats and pushups, to make the most of the time you do have to exercise.

Get Stronger at Home

Who says you need a vast weight room to become stronger? Exercise in your own home to build muscle and balance. Use dumbbells, resistance bands or your own body weight to perform exercises such as lunges, core rotations and presses. Stash this portable equipment in a closet with a pair of women’s or men’s Nike FS Lites, and everything will be easily accessible when you’re ready to exercise.

Make Fitness a Family Affair

Don’t think of getting in shape as time away from those you love, but as an opportunity to connect. Include your whole family in your commitment to fitness; they’ll keep you entertained and accountable. Make a short morning walk part of the family routine. Go for a group bike ride on the weekend. Organize a game of touch football, visit a trampoline park or complete a 5K together.


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About the Author

Andrea Cespedes is an American Council Certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is also a Road Runners of American certified running coach, a 200-Hour E-RYT yoga teacher and a cycling instructor. With more than 20 years in the fitness industry, she’s also an accomplished marathoner and Ironman triathlete.