Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday Survival Guide

Every year, you tell yourself it won’t happen again. This will be the year you skip out. This will be the year you just relax. This will be the year you—wait, that costs HOW MUCH?!

Next thing you know, you’re elbow-deep in a basket of DVDs from the 90s. And you don’t even own a DVD player. (But they’re on sale! And look, this one comes in a pack of three.)

Welcome to Black Friday. ‘Tis the season, so you may as well embrace it. But before you brave the shopping conditions, here are a few life-saving pointers:

Wear This:

The 80s called (with some good advice). Wear a fanny pack while you shop! Fanny packs keep your hands free and your wallet safe while you claw your way through the army of shoppers. Pair your pack with an outfit you don’t mind getting dirty. Because you just never know.

…Not That:

You know those fabulous heels you’ve been dying to show off? Save them for the holiday parties. Instead, opt for a pair of comfy kicks you can count on. And as for those spiked cleats? Leave ‘em at home, killer.

Do Your Homework:

Make a list of stores you want to visit, and then map everything out. This will keep you from zigzagging across town to get the best deals. And if you really want to up your Black Friday game, download apps that let you compare prices and sale information.

Fuel Up:

Shopping is hard work…and if you’re not tired, you’re not doing it right. Make sure to replenish your body with lots of caffeine (okay, and water). And pack a few snacks so you don’t lose your spot in line over a growling stomach.

Find Your Zen:

It’s going to get crazy out there. You’re going to witness some stuff you can’t un-see. Through it all, try to take deep breaths and stay calm. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…right? And if you start to feel helpless, remember: The world isn’t ending. But the great deals will. Namaste, shoppers.

About the Author

Melanie Moriarty is a writer from St. Louis, MO.