4 Star Wars Shoes "Yoda" Want

4 Star Wars Shoes "Yoda" Want

Everyone loves Luke, Yoda and the Jedi Knights, but sometimes, it just feels good to be bad. The iconic, fearsome images of Sith Lord Darth Vader and his evil Empire have been lighting up cinema screens and inspiring imaginations for decades. No matter which side of the galactic conflict they stand on, younglings will jump at the chance to work Star Wars into their wardrobes. As for parents, the phrase “but these have Darth Vader on them” makes shoe shopping a whole lot easier.

The Ultimate Baddie

Since his first appearance in 1977, Darth Vader has captivated audiences. Keep in step with his journey from hero to villain back to (spoiler alert) hero again with shoes that sport his unforgettable likeness. A pair of sleek, supported, Vader-emblazoned Equalizers from Skechers fits the bill for action-oriented Star Wars fans. Like all shoes in the Equalizer series, these cushioned sneakers are made for active wearers who are always on the move.

For Jedi adversaries who prefer a classic, punk-inspired look, choose Skechers Jagged Darth Vader high-tops. These feature a bright, comic-inspired print of Vader awaiting his final battle with Luke Skywalker on the second Death Star, making them a must for Star Wars fans who like to go bold. But let’s not forget practicality: Lightsaber-red traction keeps the sneaks from slipping around those slick Death Star corridors.

Standard-Issue Stormtrooper Gear

Vader and the Emperor might lead the pack, but sometimes it takes an army. If your little one just can’t get enough of the Galactic Empire’s signature soldier, equip him with a pair of X-Cellorator Stormtrooper sneakers. Breathable mesh uppers, secure strap-style closures and beefy rubber soles ensure that these athletic shoes are ready to take on just about any Rebel scum in the galaxy … and the perils of the playground as well.

Make Tracks With TIEs

Lightsabers, blasters and astromech droids like R2-D2 help out heroes and villains alike, but you can’t have an epic space battle without starfighters. For fans of the Empire’s signature craft, online-only Cayden high-tops feature canvas uppers imprinted with TIE fighter schematics, as well as images of both the standard TIE and Darth Vader’s own custom TIE fighter. Their black-and-red color scheme earns Vader’s seal of approval, and when you’re traveling faster than a pair of twin ion engines, these kicks have a clear message for all the Jedi left in your dust: “Come to the Dark Side.”

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