What to Wear for Family Photos

What to Wear for Family Photos

The colors of the changing leaves, the soft lighting, the great wardrobe choices (Did someone say BOOTS!)—fall is the perfect time of year for family photos. And with Christmas card season just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to start preparing for the perfect photo op. Here are a few tips and inspirational color palettes to help you create a stunning family photo this fall.

1.     Choose coordinating colors, not matching colors.

No more matching family photos with every person in the same outfit. Pick a common color theme that can be adapted throughout the entire family. If color theory is not your forte, go with neutrals and add in carefully placed color pops.

2.     Avoid too many patterns, large logos or children’s character clothing.

The focus of the portrait should be on your family. Adding in distracting clothing choices will draw attention away from that.

3.     Add layers and accessories.

Scarves, headbands, cardigans, hair bows, belts, blazers, tights, boot socks, jackets, necklaces, hats… adding layers and accessories creates visual interest and texture. Luckily, fall is the perfect season to layer it on. Carefully stagger them among family members to avoid looking like Clark Griswold trapped in the attic.

4.     Keep your location in mind.

Will you be outside surrounded by the bold oranges, reds and yellows of fall leaves or at a more urban location amongst the concrete jungle? Consider hues that will pop off your backdrop, while still complementing your surroundings.

5.     Choose a common neutral.

A shared neutral tone will unite all family members’ looks without the matchy-matchy effect. Steer clear of black or white as your neutral. Black and white clothing can easily get blown out and lose its detail. Think dark denim, khaki, navy, cream or gray. Keep your shoe choices in the neutral realm as well to avoid drawing attention away from your family’s faces.

Here are a few color palettes inspired by fall colors to get your wheels turning.

Do you have a family photo planned this fall? Which color theme are you digging the most? We’d love to see!