4 Boo-tastic Shoes to Complete Your Costume

4 Boo-tastic Shoes to Complete Your Costume

Whether your kid’s Halloween getup is off-the-rack or homemade, the devil is in the details. It’s often that one finishing touch — maybe a memorable accessory like a ninja sword or fairy wand, or a wild spritz of spray-on hair dye — that really sets a costume apart from the ghoulish pack. This Halloween, think of the shoes: With footwear that complements the theme of a costume and goes easy on the feet, your little goblins are in for more treats than tricks.

Sweet Sneaks

Chalk it up to wild imagination or just plain excitement, but kids tend to change their Halloween costume plans about a thousand times between October 1st and 31st. For girls, pick a versatile shoe that takes last-minute changes in stride.Skechers Sweet Surprise sneaker, for instance, works well with costume choices ranging from frozen princesses to rock stars to mystical fairies. Blue and gray heathered jersey knit uppers complement all sorts of color schemes, while glittery, light-up toe caps add a little magic to her ensemble.

Light Up the Night

Light-up shoes are a win for everyone; kids love the flashy effect, and parents are all for anything that makes trick or treating a little safer. If your little one’s costume has a sci-fi edge, light-up sneakers like Ipox Rayz from Skechers are out of this world. Multicolored lights add a futuristic touch, while sleek and scaly silver uppers suit astronauts, aliens and robots alike.

Superheroic Shoes

From the colorful and campy Caped Crusader of the ’60s to the modern and daring Dark Knight, Batman is a costume choice that never goes out of style. Although your choice of Batman costumes is plentiful, very few of them include shoes. Don’t let your little Batman — or Batgirl — go barefoot; match the utility belt with a pair of comic-book-inspired Caped Crusader sneakers, a Famous Footwear exclusive for preschool-age kids. Graphics of Batman himself and the iconic bat symbol up the superhero factor, while light-up effects brighten the night even more than the Bat Signal.

Cowgirl Kicks

The Wild West isn’t just a boy’s game. You can add a touch of rustic authenticity to any cowgirl costume with J-Huston cowboy boots from Steve Madden. Leather-like construction, detailed Western stitching and 1-inch heels make these boots perfect replicas of mom or dad’s favorite trail dusters, and the sturdy interior lining ensures that they’re still ready to wear long after her Annie Oakley costume is boxed up.

For Mom and Dad

The costumes might get the spotlight, but it’s the parents who keep Halloween ticking. To keep up with candy-hungry kids, you’re going to need form-fitting support and well-cushioned footbeds. Turn to a comfy walking shoe like the women’s GOwalk 3 Go Force or men’s Persistent slip-on sneakers from Skechers. They’re plenty stylish enough to sport long after All Hallows’ Eve, but subtle enough to go with just about any costume, should you choose to join the festivities yourself.

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