Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

Why You Should Wear White After Labor Day

Ditching white after Labor Day may have worked for your mom’s generation, but times have changed. Now white is in breezy good taste any time of year. When the hazy days of summer pass, don’t pack away your whites; you’ll have plenty of opportunities to shine in gleaming white long after Labor Day. So, put away your color wheel and cozy up to the ultimate neutral color. Here are our top reasons why you should wear white after labor day.

Consider the Climate

When fall rolls around, folks in the North prepare for chilly days and frigid nights, but plenty of people bask in sunshiny warmth year-round. For folks in states like Florida, Arizona, California and Hawaii, where the climate stays consistent and the days stay downright balmy, wearing white after Labor Day is a no-brainer.

Transitional Fabrics

Lightweight cottons and linens can be swapped for wools and heavy cottons without missing a beat. Trade white cotton T-shirts for white cable-knit sweaters. Pack away your white canvas handbag and replace it with a stylish leather bag in winter white. For an unexpected pop of brightness, layer a tailored wool peacoat in white over a bright or neutral office outfit, or pair a sassy pair of pumps in a bright color with white slacks and matching bright top.

Winter White

They don’t call it “winter white” for nothing. Top designers offer clothes and accessories in winter white, while footwear designers like Carlos Santana offer stylish boots in this neutral shade. Unlike the cool white shades of summer, winter white has a tint of warmth and ivory, which makes it a perfect complement to the richer, deeper shades of fall and winter.

Mix and Match

One old saying is true — white goes with everything. Just about any shoe, boot, scarf, glove or hat in your closet will complement and add color to your white-based outfits. Whether you go white head to toe, or bring in some pastels or brights, your days of trying to match your outfits with accessories may be over.

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