The Right Sperry for the Right Occasion

The Right Sperry for the Right Occasion

Ditch the sneakers-and-sweats mom-on-the-go uniform, and spruce up this year’s school activity outfits. With slip-on shoe trends and slouchy casual styles skyrocketing, you and your little ones can feel just as relaxed in a pair of Sperrys and smart-looking trousers as you do in your most worn-in pair of PJs – without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

You don’t have to be deckside to enjoy these boating shoes – although they can add a nautical vibe to an outfit if you want them to. At school fundraisers and classroom parties, where you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, a sturdy pair of shoes with a nonslip sole is key to getting the most practicality out of a put-together style. Pair the Sperry Intrepid boat shoe with faded skinny denims and a tucked-in button-down shirt, or leave your shirt casually untucked and top it off with an unbuttoned cardigan on cooler days. If warm weather leads to outdoor events like a picnic, go for shorts and a loose three-quarter sleeve blouse instead.


For PTO/PTA night, parent-teacher meetings or school band concerts, amp up your daywear with the Sperry Intrepid in glittery grey leopard. Just as cute as a ballet flat, but much sturdier and more shock-absorbent – a plus if you’re running late and end up standing at the back of the auditorium – this shoe looks great with a skirt, strappy blouse and cardigan combo, or A-line dress. If skirts aren’t your style, it also pairs beautifully with patterned skinny jeans, a long-sleeved crew-neck tee and a blazer in classic neutral colors.

Toss on your most comfortable Sperry wear to cheer on your child or her schoolmates at sporting events. For example, the Sperry Biscayne in washed canvas natura is just as timeless as its fellows, but gives off the same comfortable vibe as your favorite pair of jeans. Wear it with denim capris and a plaid button-down, colorful skinny jeans with a tank top in warmer weather, or go full-on school spirit with a school hoodie sweatshirt or windbreaker and shorts with dark tights or cuffed skinny jeans.

Your daughter may not want to completely coordinate outfits with you as she gets older, but she won’t say no to her own pair of Sperrys for the classroom or after-school activities. A pair of Sperry Seabright slip-on sneakers will keep her looking sharp while stopping her from sliding around on the playground, whether paired with checkered black-and-white shorts and a logo tee, or her standard jeans and tee combo. For a brighter school style, pair the Sperry Biscayne stripe boat shoe with an A-line skirt and sweater or striped shorts and a button-down top.


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