How to Choose Men's Dress Shoes

How to Choose Men's Dress Shoes

A man’s dress shoes can define his style and pull his look together almost effortlessly. Dress shoes are a fundamental item in every man’s wardrobe — and often leave a lasting impression. The design and color of the shoes you choose play a major part in creating a “polished” image that makes a positive statement. Here are our favorite tips on how to choose men’s dress shoes.

Color Considerations

Black dress shoes can be a conservative choice, but are also versatile, working well for professional and personal wear. While black shoes can go with virtually everything, it’s a good idea to have some other color options in your closet as well. Brown dress shoes in varying shades complement earth tones and work for more casual occasions. Burgundy dress shoes can add just the right punch of color and are a winning combination with either navy and gray suits or slacks.

Style Options

When it comes to formal attire, you’ll want shoes that give a somewhat glossy appearance. You don’t have to go for patent leather, but calf leather should be nicely buffed, notes GQ’s Glen O’Brien, The Style Guy. If the evening or event doesn’t involve a tux, the oxford dress shoe with laces is a timeless style that works for both business and dressy attire. Similar to the oxford, the derby also laces, but the lacing flaps sit on top of the shoe instead of invisibly underneath like the oxford. Derby dress shoes are slightly less formal than oxfords. Loafers nix the laces altogether — and you can dress them up or down depending on the outfit. Some dress shoes have straps and buckles and are available in classic as well as trendier designs. Wingtips are dress shoes with fancy cap toes that resemble wings, which are a dressy casual option.

Fit and Comfort

As you zero in on the color and style you want, your next concern will be finding the perfect fit. Dress shoes should fit not only the length of the foot, but also the width. For feet that are particularly wide or narrow, look for shoes that come in varying widths to find one that fits just right. The shoes should also feel comfortable right from the start, notes the Kinowear website. You shouldn’t have to “break in” a pair of shoes. Another benefit of high-quality leather is that the thinness of the leather offers flexibility and breathability, which add to the comfort factor.

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