Famous by... Bella

Famous by... Bella

This week’s Famous by… series follows one of our favorite bloggers on a visit to her local farmers market. On “Bella,” blogger Elisabeth shares style inspiration, ideas for entertaining and snapshots of her daily life. Continue reading to get a close-up look inside this #ohsofamous moment!

Farmer’s Market Adventures

Thank you Famous Footwear for sponsoring this post. #ohsofamous is Famous Footwear’s style gallery featuring beautiful shoe photos to get you inspired for any occasion, including back-to-school!

Last night we met Ben on his way home from work at our local farmers market, trying to get the last of the fun summer activities in before the rest of the world goes back to school. Somehow we’d never been to the regular Thursday evening one (we have been to this Saturday one back when I was pregnant and didn’t look forward to Saturday as the ‘one day I get to sleep in while Ben takes the babe for the early morning’). It is getting so fun to take Lincoln places because he is so interested in everything. Its also great to have him in the wrap because he tries to touch everything too and that way at least he’s essentially contained 😉

Why is it though, that I always feel a bit uncomfortable at farmers markets? I feel this need to buy something from everyone, which I never do, but I feel uncomfortable surveying their produce/goods and then just moving on. Its like saying “well, just not good enough for me today – better luck next week.” I know, that’s ridiculous but sometimes it feels like that anyway. I usually try to make up for th inevitable with lots of small talk so at least they feel liked before I don’t buy anything. Tell me I’m not the only one?

A few pictures from the evening:


^If we didn’t already have like 5 types of jams in the fridge, I would have been more tempted to bring home one of these delicious looking concoctions


^Just checking out some fresh herbs – I am going to miss the day when I can no longer carry Lincoln around just inches from my face.


^A local chef was there letting us taste test his creations and this grilled vegetable hummus was fantastic! Basically you grill eggplant, onions, bell peppers, garlic, and kalamato olives, and garbanzo beans and then you blend it all together with a dash of paprikia and olive oil and top with feta cheese.


^We picked up some cut basil and got to talking to the local ‘gardener of herbs’ about my inability to keep a basil plant alive. He has some great tips for planting basil but suggested we just go for the cut basil now and next year prep soil for our own plant. If we keep the cut basil in water, in a light place (but not direct sunlight) and change the water every other day, we should be able to use it for six weeks! I feel like my basil from the grocery store goes bad in three days so I’m excited to see if this works.


^I’ve been living in these shoes since I ordered them two weeks ago – the birkenstock look has made a huge comeback (and I still have a pair of old ones I lived in during high school…) but these floral ones are so fun!


^the squash we picked up at the market just hanging out in purse…next time we’ll be better prepared with more cash and a little bag for produce


My shoes are from Famous Footwear (by Madden Girl) and I’ve been eyeing them for months and love them just as much as anticipated. Check out the #ohsofamous style gallery to get inspiration and see the variety that Famous Footwear has for the whole family (it makes me a bit too excited for Lincoln to start wearing shoes..and to start back to school shopping in a few years :D).

Our favorite baby wrap is via Husband & Co Baby and I will cry the day Lincoln outgrows it. My bag (it’s actually a diaper bag but I use it for everything) is from Lily Jade, and my jeans & shirt are old. Oh and I’m making progress on this dutch braid business (remember the goal I shared here?).

Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

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