Great Shoes for Moms on the Go

Great Shoes for Moms on the Go

Whether they’re shuffling kids to soccer practices and music lessons or volunteering to help with school functions, today’s moms need shoes that will help them stay cool and comfortable while out and about. They also want great-looking shoes that complement their own active lifestyles without sacrificing style. If you’re a mom on the go who’s looking for a great pair of shoes, there are several styles to consider.

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Athletic Shoes

Long gone are the days when the term, “athletic shoes” conjured up images of dowdy-looking sneakers meant only for the gym floor. Today’s athletic shoes come in a wide variety of styles, colors and materials. There are also different types available, such as running, cross-training and walking shoes, depending on what you plan to do when you’re wearing them. For moms who are looking for comfort but don’t need the support of a traditional athletic shoe, popular brands like SKECHERS, Nike, Vans and Converse all offer “fashion” athletic shoes in fun colors to suit any active mom’s lifestyle.

Sturdy Slip-Ons

If you’re looking for a shoe that’s dressier than an athletic shoe but still provides a high-level of comfort, consider a slip-on shoe. If you’re on your feet a lot, you’ll want to look for a slip-on shoe with a low heel that provides proper arch support and a padded footbed, such as a clog or a mule. Popular brands such as SKECHERS, B.O.C. and Naturalizer offer a variety of comfortable, casual slip-on shoes that can help you look and feel great while you’re on the go.

Flats with Pizzazz

While flat shoes may seem like an obvious choice for an active mom, take heed that not all flats are created equal. If you’re a fan of flats, make sure you purchase flats that offer arch support, a sturdy sole, and a padded footbed, as well a rounded toe box that provides wiggle room. For example, Dr. Scholl’s, B.O.C., and LifeStride all offer cute and trendy flat styles with cushioned footbeds, arch support and traction outsoles.

Casual Canvas

In warmer weather, canvas shoes provide a great option for active moms. Because they come in numerous styles, including lace-up, slip-on, slides and athletic, busy moms can find comfortable canvas shoes to fit just about any casual occasion. As with other shoe styles, look for shoes that offer arch support, a cushiony footbed and a toe box that’s wide enough so your toes aren’t scrunched. Classic brands like Keds, Converse, and Dr. Scholl’s, as well as modern manufacturers like Roxy and Rocket Dog, offer numerous canvas shoe styles in a rainbow of colors with modern designs.

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