Matching Espadrilles to Your Outfit

Matching Espadrilles to Your Outfit

If retro is chic, then few shoes are cooler than espadrilles; this versatile footwear traces its history back 700 years, when the people of the Pyrenees Mountains began making them by hand. The characteristic woven footbed and lightweight construction go a long way in keeping the shoe relevant, as does its extreme versatility – depending on the style, summery espadrilles suit everything from lounging solo on the patio to sipping cocktails at a dinner party. With just a little attention to coordinating your espadrilles with your ensemble, you’ll elevate your look from on-point to absolutely smashing.

Dressed Down

How to_Espadrilles_Dressed Down

Espadrilles don’t just look comfortable, they feel comfortable, and that makes a statement of its own. To really take advantage of this shoe’s airy, devil-may-care vibe, match a pair of espadrille flats to a key color in your wardrobe. For instance, navy espadrilles worn sockless with cropped pants and a navy striped v-neck makes for a timeless look. If you’ve got a black-trimmed blouse, match it with casual black espadrilles – such as the Buttons espadrille flat by Rock and Candy – and skinny jeans or leggings for an adaptable everyday outfit.

A Little Lift

How to_Espadrilles_A Little Lift


Casual isn’t the only game in town when it comes to espadrilles. As the Caprinni espadrille wedge sandal from Fergalicious proves, heeled espadrilles explore slightly more formal territory, such as outdoor parties. A neutral-hued sandal like this one pairs perfectly with a matching belted top or a maxi dress with a neutral base color. The key here lies in matching the espadrilles’ upper to a color found elsewhere in your outfit. If you opt for cream-topped espadrille wedges like the Duchess by Report, coordinate it with a creamy pattern on your blouse, such as embroidery on a bell shirt.

Texture Matters

Hot to_Espadrilles_Texture Matters


The espadrille is all about texture. This shoe’s trademark woven footbed – a feature deftly highlighted by LifeStride’s Lavish 2 wedge – instantly gives it a natural, earthy feeling. Complement this asset by incorporating other textured textiles into your wardrobe, such as a thickly corded sweater. Espadrilles often sport hemp, jute or leather uppers, which pair swimmingly with rich textures like tweed, linen or brown leather, the latter of which gives you an ideal excuse to break out your cropped bomber.

Accessorize Accordingly

You can mirror the distinctive natural fibers of the espadrille in your accessories, too, by flattering a woven sole with a woven purse or a leather upper with a matching leather belt. Think “natural” when matching your accessories to espadrilles. Wooden bangles or earrings, a hemp clutch or a slouch beanie knitted with natural wool all fill the bill. If your espadrilles have colorful uppers, use a single matching statement piece such as bright geometric earrings or a bold gemstone ring to bring out their best.


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