A Southwest Road Trip

A Southwest Road Trip

Our Famous Footwear social media guru, Stephanie Nahas, just got back from a pretty epic American Southwest road trip with her fiance Neil! Get the inside scoop from her below.


I wonder when the spark was planted that I needed to take a road trip of epic proportions at some point in my twenties. I’d like to tell you it was a totally whimsical thing, that we just stumbled upon a 1960s jeep and frolicked across the country. In truth, however, my fiancé and I spent months perfecting the Southwest road trip itinerary of our dreams. We started and ended in Las Vegas, making five fabulous stops over 10 days, and made (what we lovingly now refer to as) our “Arizona-2-Zion” loop adventure. Here are the deets.

Stop One: Las Vegas & Boulder City, NV

Right when we got to the Las Vegas airport we pretty much started our first stretch of driving, en route to Sedona. We did, however, grab a java at The Coffee Cup in the quaint Boulder City, NV – known as an oasis in the desert with vintage Vegas charm.

Stop Two: Sedona


Everything you’ve heard is TRUE. Sedona is a magical town just south of Flagstaff, full of vivid, dusty orange hues with breathtaking pops of green. I couldn’t help thinking that everyone who lives there has figured life out. My favorite parts of our stay in Sedona, if I was whittling it down to just a few things: Page Spring Cellars, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and a stargazing tour. The hiking was also phenomenal, we loved Devil’s Bridge!

Stop Three: Grand Canyon


Aside for the swarms of tourists and unsupervised little rascals, nothing quite takes your breath away like that first moment you lay your eyes on what is truly one of nature’s greatest treasures. We had so much fun on our sunset jeep tour of the South Rim, partly due to our fantastic tour guide Claire. She gave each of us a gift at the end of the tour: bracelets made of juniper tree seeds that symbolize the circle of life and protection in many Native American tribes. We hung our hats at Mather’s Campground for the night, a very clean campground within the park that was perfect for stargazing.

Stop Four: Antelope Canyon


Just south of Lake Powell, hugging the border of Utah and Arizona, Antelope Canyon is nestled on sacred Navajo land and can only be reached by a native tour guide and jeep ride into the reservation. Sunlight is the canyon’s artist, highlighting different grooves and colors as the day passes through the hollow slot canyon sections. As we were leaving, we also made a stop at Horseshoe Bend – a stunning horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River.

Stop Five: Zion National Park



After the gorgeous, expansive Coral Sand Dunes, we were totally wiped out on this last leg of the trip and we admittedly did not explore Zion hiking as much as we would have liked. We were on a mostly peanut butter cracker diet at this point, and warmly welcomed a stop at Cafe Soleil, a mostly organic cafe inside the park, surrounded by mountains and crisp air. Zion Mountain Ranch was the highlight for us, an expansive buffalo farm with a handful of quaint cabins scattered on the land. It was so relaxing to fall asleep with the sunset, and wake to the sound of horse hooves stomping past just outside our door.

And there you have it! The trip we had been dreaming about was everything I thought it’d be and more. It was so fun to realize how many beautiful places there are in America, and I can’t wait to plan my next road trip. “California-2-Oregon”?!