The Ultimate DIY Valentine's Day Gift for Your Solemate

The Ultimate DIY Valentine's Day Gift for Your Solemate

Give him chocolates for Valentine’s Day – his favorite pair of Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes in delicious chocolate brown leather-and-suede uppers, with a moc-stitched toe and leather lining. Prolong the suspense by disguising the shoebox as a Valentine’s Day mailbox, complete with faux slot to hold a message card sticking up. Treat the sentiment with light humor, but get serious about digging out your windbreaker. He’ll want to break in those new kicks in a romantic tango, on the marina dock or the backyard deck. This is the ultimate DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your solemate!

DIY Valentines Day Gift with Sperrys

What You’ll Need:
-Shoebox with Sperry Top-Siders
-Straight and deckle edge scissors
-Brown craft paper
-Black, gold or silver marker
-Red and pink gift tissue
-Glue stick
-Red craft or scrapbook paper
-Heart-shaped cookie cutter
-Red cardstock (optional)
-Craft knife or box cutter
-Valentine stickers or small old-fashioned Valentine cards
-Pink and red cut paper shred (for packing)
-Red-and-white striped baker’s string

Step 1:
Cut two 6-inch long and 2-inch wide strips of brown craft paper with deckle-edge scissors. Write a message on each strip in black, gold or silver marker. Message 1 reads: heart-stopping, eye-catching, breathtaking, gorgeous. Message 2 reads: perfect fit, long-lasting, a keeper.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Step 1

Step 2:
Remove the shoes from the box. Wrap one in red tissue paper and one in pink to see where to paste a message for each shoe. Flatten the tissue and dot the back of each message strip with glue stick before pressing it lightly to the tissue. Once the glue is dry, wrap the tissue around the shoes so the messages are clearly visible.

DIY Valentines Day Gift Step 3 with Sperrys

Step 3:
Cover the outside of the box with brown craft paper, turning it under the box edges and gluing it snugly. Glue red construction or scrapbook paper to the inside of the shoebox, overlapping the edges of the brown paper. Use the glue stick generously for good adhesion without the paper puckering that happens with liquid glue.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Step 3

Step 4:
Trace a heart-shaped cookie cutter on red cardstock or craft paper. Cut out the heart and write: “I get a kick out of you, Valentine” on one side. Cut a slot in the center of the box top with a craft knife. Make the slot just long enough so you can tuck the heart partway in it, as if it is sticking out of a stuffed Valentine mailbox.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Step 4

Step 5:
Decorate the the outside of the box with Valentine stickers or glued-on tiny vintage-style Valentine cards, the kind handed out by schoolchildren. Write the rest of your message on the inside of the box lid: “So I got you a pair of kicks for dancing in the dark dockside.” Then finish the sentiment on the inside bottom of the box: “Head over heels in love with you. Your solemate 4 ever,” — and your name.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Step 5

Step 6:
Place the tissue-wrapped shoes back in the box. Add a scattering of curled or crinkled cut pink and red paper shred and put the box lid on. Wrap red-and-white striped baker’s string around and around the box, tying it off in a simple bow just under the slot for the gift card.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift - Step 6 with Shoebox

Step 7:
Tuck the red paper heart with its “kicks” message partly in the slot on the box top so it sticks up and can be read. Present your Valentine’s Day mailbox, with its surprise gift of “chocolates, “ at a romantic breakfast or a candlelit dinner.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift Step 7