Every Person At The Party, As Identified By Their Shoes

Every Person At The Party, As Identified By Their Shoes

You can basically tell who’s at a party just from the shoes at the front door! Impress everyone at your next holiday party with your sorcerous skills, and find the perfect pair of shoes for every type of person at Famous Footwear.

Every Person at the Party as Identified by Their Shoes

Riding Boots

Riding Boots Illustration

These shoes belong to The Perpetually Put-Together Girl, which everyone knows is actually a euphemism for The Suburban Girl. Her hair is always just as shiny as her boots, and nothing about her appearance is EVER out of place.


Flip Flops Illustration

These are the shoes of The Person Who Just Can’t Get Over Summer. They’re known to attempt to tan in the last remaining ray of sunlight in the fall. Their hair always miraculously looks swept by a sea breeze no matter where they are. It’s 30 degrees, and they’re still in shorts and flip-flops.

Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes Illustration

Boat shoes are a surefire sign of The Prep School Grad. Even though they’re a successful and gainfully employed adult now (educated guess: consultant?), they’re still expertly dressed for ivy-covered campuses and classrooms. Not to be stereotypical, but they really are about to put a down payment on a home in the Hamptons.

Personalized Platforms

Platform Shoes Illustration

These are the canvases of The DIY Enthusiast. Shoes aren’t the only embellished parts of their wardrobe — chances are, they’re also a pro at knitting, screen-printing, patching, and repurposing. Their entrance to a party can also be identified by the trail of glitter and other craft detritus left in their wake.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis Shoes Illustration

Unsurprisingly, the tennis shoes belong to The Athlete, who loves them like their first-born (even though they love shopping for NEW tennis shoes even more). They not only wear them on the track and/or the court, but also running errands, walking around, and just going about their everyday activities.

Black Ankle Boots

Black Ankle Boots Illustration

These stylish little things are the shoes of The Chic City Girl. They match perfectly with all of her impressive outfits — partly because the outfits are sleek, minimal, and not too colorful. You can usually hear the Chic City Girl’s arrival before you see her because her shoes make pleasant clacking sounds on every surface possible.

Limited-Edition Sneakers

Limited Edition Sneakers

These belong to The Urban Trendsetter. No one can tell if they’re new or old because they’re ALWAYS perfectly maintained. They probably have one of those special sneaker cleaning kits. You can always count on them to wear a snazzy varsity-inspired jacket or fashionable jersey to match their kicks.

Peep-Toe Pumps

Peep-Toe Pumps Illustration

The peep-toe pumps almost always belong to The Party Queen. She is loved and feared by all — loved, because she’s super fun, and feared, because her shoes are so tall and flashy that they’re scary. But in a good way.

Vintage Oxfords

Vintage Oxfords Illustration

If it’s vintage, it probably belongs to The Hipster, who always manages to score awesome finds in thrift store bins and old attics, when most others leave sad and empty-handed. They’re always showing off a crazy ensemble of both clothing and cultural tastes, but somehow, it always works!

Leather Sandals

Leather Sandals Illustration

These babies most certainly belong to The Nature Lover, who manages to be super granola and chill in any given environment, even while living in large cities. They’re out enjoying the great outdoors any chance they get, and their amazingly scenic Instagram posts throw everyone into intense fits of jealousy and FOMO.