2015 New Year’s Resolution: I Will Have More Fun With Fashion!

2015 New Year’s Resolution: I Will Have More Fun With Fashion!

This is the year you nail every new year’s resolution, define your look, make all the right choices and do the happy dance every time you open your closet door. No more “good-enough” picks that sink your spirits and turn shabby by mid-season. Your shortlist will be trendy and traditional, sassy and stylish, practical and spectacular. The only thing better than a designer cupcake is a new pair of shoes. This year you will skip the cupcakes and rock the shoes on your dizzying trajectory from “fine but occasionally forgettable” to “non-stop fabulous.” You’ve got this — piece of cake.

2015 New Year's Resolution

Walk With Confidence
Starting Jan. 1, you’re striding forth to slay a few dragons and conquer every social challenge. Your armor? Your sassy, sensible shoes. The perfect pump for you is a peep-toe to show off a racy pedicure, a platform for a pain-free boost into the stratosphere, something strappy and sling-back to reveal your impeccable style — coming and going — and a tall, skinny heel to prove you can throw down the gauntlet with every step.

Cozy Up for Me Time
Self-care is your new priority, and your banishing the big chill with snuggly boots that keep your toes toasty in the worst winter weather. No more excuses when the temperature plummets – cold feet won’t cause you to miss another great adventure. You’re going to be kicking up your heels with your BFFs from the first frost until it’s barefoot season with slip-on, go-everywhere boots that are like little afghans for your feet. You might even wear them around the house with your fave jammies — a girl can never get too much pampering.

Find My Perfect Day-to-Night Look
Check off the tailored slacks, the black leather pants, the super-skinny jeans, the designer suit and your zippered moto jacket. With the right black booties you can shake it from dawn to dusk and keep on dancing past midnight. Resolve to simplify your look and your life, and a sophisticated bootie that’s as flexible as you are gives you cool minimalist cred. You’ll love it when you nail look after look — and look effortless doing it. You’re hunting for high comfort, a low shaft, heels high enough to give you a lift and enough detail to attract some attention 24/7.

Invest in Leather
You’re worth the whole estate and grounds, so you may as well look as if you were to the manor born in real leather. A pair of toasty-brown tobacco leather riding boots will put you in the winner’s circle year after year – a good-quality classic style has staying power and is versatile enough for work and weekends. Some strategic buckles and straps at ankles and calves would be both authentic and decorative — after all, a girl’s got to maximize her investments.

Look Good While Working Out
You’ve got the Lycra, you’ve got the layers, you’ve got the motivation. You’re not just sweating, you’re stylin’ because when you look good, you work hard. Get some cool urban gray kicks with a flirty little edge of coral and you’re good to go. A girl needs head-to-toe body armor to tackle that daily dozen, whether it’s laps around the track or a circuit at the gym. Athletes don’t exercise, they train, so lace into some serious athletic footwear and let’s do this.

Get On Board With the Classics
“Show me your yacht — I can handle it.” You were born for teak decks and full sails, and you’ve got the classic boat shoes to prove it. No squall can dampen your spirits when you’ve put together timeless linen-and-leather uppers and serious soles with a non-slip grip. Adventures on the high seas will be smooth sailing this year, whether you kick back in the cockpit or take the helm. Lakeside, dockside or side-by-side with your favorite landlubber, you’re going to rock a traditional look and make it your own.

Make Time for Fun in the Sun
Life’s a beach, and you will be cruising over the burning sand like a smart surfer girl in flip-flop thongs that go where you go and play what you play. You can just picture your sandy toes, tanned legs and bouncy step as you dash to the store or down to the shore. You’re going to get some traction on summer fun with hot little thongs that can hit the pavement, cushion you from life’s harsh realities, get messy and bounce back to shine like new for another blissful day.