15 Ways to Get Fit in 2015

15 Ways to Get Fit in 2015

There’s no mystery to fitness — you have to move it to lose it. The more you move, the healthier you become, and the more you lose what nobody wants — excess weight. Ramp up your fitness level in 2015 with 15 little lifestyle changes to lower stress, boost strength, build endurance, increase flexibility and trim away inches and pounds. But don’t make it a torture test. Choose the moves that will make your new year of fitness fun!

15 Ways to Get Fit in 2015

1. Pick up the pace of your daily activities to discover the newer, fitter you. Shift your relaxed amble to some speedy stepping to get your heart pumping.

2. Power-walk the baby in a stroller or skip the stroller and wear your little one for some healthy weight-bearing exercise.

3. Workout while you wait — keep a stretch band, jump rope and sneakers in the car for a portable mini-gym session when you’re early to pick the kids up or your significant other’s train is late.

4. Pace on the phone, and throw in a few squats or twists between comments.

5. Substitute a couple of crunches on a stability ball, push-ups or yoga poses for that shuffle to the fridge during the commercial break.

6. Count your steps. Take 10,000 steps a day to lower your risk for heart attack and stroke, reduce your body-fat ratio and burn calories, and add years to your life. The Cleveland Clinic recommends tracking those footsteps with a pedometer and hitting the trail or the track to make up missing steps at the end of the day.

7. Walk up and down escalators and along airport moving walkways — you’ll get where you’re going faster and get more fit!

8. Race walk to work and take the stairs — you’ve just tucked a cardio workout into your commute.

9. Crank up your favorite tunes and jog or run a measured track to clock the miles.

10. Add Fido fitness to your schedule — find a dog and walk it, several times a day.

11. Step out in style to maximize your moves and prevent injury. You can’t break any personal records when you’re out of the game. Lace-ups give you some extra finger flexing; mesh uppers let your hardworking feet breathe; lots of padding keeps you running on clouds; good traction is the sole of a strong stride. The right support for your individual gait can make the difference between fab fitness and a fitness fail. Asics GEL Contend for women embellishes your track record in gleaming silver trim. Nike Relentless 4 kills the competition for men. Make a statement — get them in vivid, unapologetic red.

12. Strong muscles and straighter posture trim and tighten, boost your immune system, lower your risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes, protect your from musculoskeletal problems, offset the effects of aging, and keep breathing and digestion in good order. Strengthen your muscles and your spine with a host of small habits that yield big results. Greet the day with a trio of supersonic Salutes to the Sun. Just up the tempo of your reflective yoga session and repeat it for a good stretch and strengthen session.

13. Keep a set of 3- or 5-pound weights by the flat screen and watch your favorite programs while you do a few sets of biceps curls, triceps kickbacks and chest flies.

14. Replace your desk chair with a balance ball chair for constant muscle conditioning.

15. Take a dance class — ballet, jazz, hip hop or flamenco, or buddy up for tennis or archery lessons with a friend.

And there you have it, 15 ways to get fit in 2015! Which ones will you use?