Your March of Dimes Donations In Action

Your March of Dimes Donations In Action

As many of you know, we have long been a proud national sponsor of March of Dimes. With your support we’ve raised over $15 million during our 12 year partnership with this amazing organization. Thank you!

Famous Footwear is based in Saint Louis, MO and we just learned of a great local March of Dimes story that we wanted to share with you. Due to a March of Dimes grant, Washington University has been selected as a Prematurity Research Center, the third in a network of research centers to try to solve the mystery of premature birth.

The money we’ve raised together has helped make these research centers possible – and we’re particularly proud that this one is in our own back yard! Learn more about this story on

March of Dimes

Interested in getting involved with March of Dimes? You can donate here and learn more at