DIY Halloween Costumes with Spooky Shooties

DIY Halloween Costumes with Spooky Shooties

DIY Halloween costumes are so much more fun (and brag worthy) than packaged, store bought ones! Check out our tips for pulling together a super cute costume that fits your personality! Step one, grab a pair of black shooties.

Sassy Cat

Cat Halloween Costume


Leather leggings, a leopard print shirt and G by Guess shooties add the meOW to a sassy cat costume! Of course you’ll also need a pair of cat ears, a cat tail and black nose and whiskers to complete the look. Use a black eye pencil for the face makeup and you can even create your own tail with fluffy craft store finds or a black boa. Have a black headband? Cut out triangles out of felt or construction paper and attach them to the headband with some black tap. Add special touches with a pretty kitty purse, jewelry that spells M-E-O-W or a fiercely feline mani.


80’s Rad

80's Rad Halloween Costume


Ready for an 80’s flashback?! It’s all about the neon and acid wash pieces for this rad costume. Check out a local thrift store for acid wash jeans, skirts, and jackets or if you still have acid wash in your wardrobe, you’re already a step ahead! Our laser-cut Madden Girl shooties pair perfectly with this look. Bright jewelry and graphic tees give you that extra something to complete this totally tubular ensemble. Which reminds us… study up on some fun 80’s phrases to really own your character. Saved by the Bell reruns in your future? We think so!


Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch Halloween Costume


Buy a plain black witch hat and add your own flair. Think a glue gun, plus anything witchy you can find: feathers, stuffed spiders, and sparkly ribbons. Try a mini hat with a black bird cage veil or an oversized one for the wow factor. You can also check out websites like eBay, for lightly used hats and brooms at a great price. Shoes with buckles on them do the trick, and of course you’ll also need that favorite LBD that’s probably already hanging in your closet.

Hope these DIY Halloween costumes have you feeling festive and inspired! So get to it ladies; start making those costumes now so you’re ready for October 31st. And don’t forget, have a safe and extra spoooooooooky night!