Katie's Running Story + Tips

Katie's Running Story + Tips

Katie is funny. Really funny. Not purposely funny, but funny in her silly phrases and mannerisms or “Sheehanisms” (her maiden name is Sheehan) as we call them here at the office.

She’s also a very important member of the Famous Footwear media team. She’s focused, intelligent and a Microsoft Excel whiz.

But perhaps, one of her most intriguing qualities is that Katie loves to run. It’s a huge part of who she is and we want to celebrate that! So we thought it would be awesome to sit down with Katie to learn more about her story and share some of her running tips with you!

Katie's Running Story +Tips

Q & A with Katie

FAMOUS: At what age did you start running?

KATIE: I truly have been running all my life!  I ran track in both grade school and high school and continued running after that to stay in shape.

FAMOUS: What motivates you to run?

KATIE: Obviously running is a great way to stay fit, but it’s also a big stress reliever. For me, it’s all about hitting the pavement and clearing my head. And there’s nothing quite like that runner’s high you get after a good, long run. It’s real and it’s awesome!

FAMOUS: Favorite song to listen to when you’re running?

KATIE: Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

FAMOUS: What do you look for in a running shoe?

KATIE: I personally look for good support and cushioning. Your knees and feet really take a beating when you run, especially if you are like me and strike with your heel first.

FAMOUS: Do you run during all seasons? If you run in the summer and winter, how do you handle cold and hot weather?

KATIE: I wish I lived somewhere that was warm year-round so that I could always run outside, but I live in St. Louis. I actually enjoy running in the heat – the hotter, the better! It’s the cold weather that gets to me. So in the winter months, I join a gym and use a treadmill. It’s definitely not the same as being outdoors and it’s harder to stay motivated, but I push on through!

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Katie’s 5 Tips For Runners

1. Stretch!!!  I stretch both before AND after my run. It lessens your chances of hurting yourself. If you have a particular area that always bothers you, do your research and find out what the best stretches are for that.

2. Change up your route as often as possible. Don’t get bored! I try to never run the same route more than once in any given week. Plus, changing your route forces you to use different muscles.

3. Set a goal for each run. Push yourself to either run a certain distance or for a specific amount of time.

4. Always listen to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop running and rest up.

5. The worst run is the one you didn’t do. Even if you can only run for 10 minutes, do it.

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By the way, this adorable pup’s name is Murphy. Katie loves him and running equally, but Murphy is the only one who can make Katie laugh as much as we do when she’s around. He doesn’t run with her, that’s a funny sight in itself, but he loves to hang with her on her “cool down” walks!

How has Katie’s story and tips inspired you?