Find Your Fall Shoe Style Match, Take the Quiz!

Find Your Fall Shoe Style Match, Take the Quiz!

As a cool wind starts up, rustling fall leaves and sending a chill down your spine you won’t want to be stuck in summer sandals. Take this quiz to find out what your ideal shoe style is for the season and be a fully, fall-prepared fashionista!

Quiz Time!

What’s your favorite fall activity?

A. Apple picking with the family
B. Dressing up for Halloween
C. Shopping for new fall pieces with friends
D. Drinking hot chocolate at a trendy coffee shop

Which city would you most like to visit?

A. London
B. New York City
C. San Francisco
D. Portland

In fall, you’ll most likely see me wearing a:

A. Blazer and skinny jeans
B. Baggy sweater and black pants
C. Chambray shirt, scarf and leggings
D. Mini skirt, tights and fitted top

What’s your daily beauty must-have?

A. Tinted moisturizer with SPF
B. Fierce eyeliner
C. My favorite perfume
D. Lip gloss and mascara

Which fall holiday is your favorite?

A. Thanksgiving
B. Halloween
C. Black Friday
D. Veterans Day

How do you stay organized?

A. Sticky notes and my memory
B. A sassy notebook and calendar
C. Our family whiteboard
D. My phone and mobile apps

When looking for new shoes, I’m most concerned about:

A. Quality
B. Girly style
C. Comfort
D. The latest trend

The Results!

If you answered mostly A’s, you’ll love Classic Riding Boots

You’re timeless, a truly classy woman. You exude confidence and are ready to take on hosting Thanksgiving at your home! You also love to get out with the family and explore your surroundings. Classic riding boots will pair perfectly with your fall wardrobe. Dress them up with a long-sleeve dress and glam jewelry or down with a blazer and skinny jeans.

fall shoe quiz riding boots
If you answered mostly B’s, you’ll love Sassy Shooties

You’re a girl with attitude and you’re not afraid to show off your hot and trendy style. You’ll get decked out for Halloween, but also like to play it casual in cozy sweaters and skinny pants with a twist…your ultra-feminine shooties.

fall shoe quiz shooties
If you answered mostly C’s, you’ll love Fabulous Flats

You’re a women on-the-go and prefer comfort and ease over stuffier styles. You have a signature scent that flawlessly captures your easy-going nature and you love to shop and find deals. Whether you’re running around with friends or after your kids this fall season, a simple flat will keep your feet happy!

fall shoe quiz flats
If you answered mostly D’s, you’ll love Short Boots & Lace-Up Boots

Your friends consider you a trendsetter -whether it’s fashion or the coolest new app for your phone, you’re always scoping out what’s hot. Your style is eccentric and you love to travel to “weird” cities like Portland and Austin. This fall your ideal shoes will be short and lace-up boots because they’ll add a little edge and a lot of fun to your everyday looks.

fall shoe quiz short boots and lace-up boots