Exclusive KIDZ BOP Kids Interview

Exclusive KIDZ BOP Kids Interview

We’re very excited to bring you this exclusive interview with KIDZ BOP Kids Ashlynn, Grant, Bredia, Matt, and Jayna! KIDZ BOP is the #1 kids’ music brand in the US and Billboard Magazine has named the KIDZ BOP Kids the ‘#1 Kids’ Artists’ for four years in a row. Their new album, KIDZ BOP 26, just debuted at #4 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, so it’s clear that these kids are super busy. But they always have time for fun!

Here’s the inside scoop on their favorite performances, personal style, shoes and more!

Kidz Bop Kids
FAMOUS: What KIDZ BOP song do you most enjoy performing?

BREDIA: I love to perform “Thrift Shop” because you get to be a new character and add your own style…though I also love “Happy” and “Best Day of My Life!”

GRANT: I love “I Love It” because it‘s the first song of the show and I’m so pumped up to come out and see the audience!

MATT: “Gangnam Style.” I really enjoy the dance to that song. I also get to do an awesome drum solo during the concert and I love playing the drums.

JAYNA: My absolute favorite KIDZ BOP song to perform is definitely “Happy!”

FAMOUS: When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried?

GRANT: When Matt Martinez stayed at my house for the night, I brought him a sleeping bag and he didn’t know what it was or how to use it! I told him to climb inside and he got about half way in and asked if he had to keep going.

MATT: On the tour bus, with one of Grant’s silly jokes!

JAYNA: I was drinking water in rehearsal and Ashlynn did something so funny I accidentally spit out everywhere, even on Ashlynn!

BREDIA: I was making funny comments and my mom and cousins threw me in the pool with my street clothes on and I was soaking wet and everyone, including me, was laughing so hard!

ASHLYNN: Most likely the last time the 5 of us hung out!

FAMOUS: What was the last gift you received/gave?

BREDIA: My mom just gave me some cute clothes for California! I can’t wait to wear them! And, I just gave a signed KIDZ BOP CD 26 to one of my friends at dance!

GRANT: The last gift that I gave was a KIDZ BOP 25 CD and signed posters to my friend Kam who has autism. It made me feel so good when they sent me a video of him singing and dancing to KIDZ BOP 25!

ASHLYNN: The last gift I gave was a card I had made and a ton of snickers bars to my dad for his birthday!

MATT: I gave this little kid the new KIDZ BOP 26 CD – she was so happy!

FAMOUS: What’s one little known fact about KIDZ BOP?

ASHLYNN: All of the KIDZ BOP Kids write songs in our free time, and we also all play musical instruments!

MATT: We’ve sold over 14 million albums!!

GRANT: We train in Dallas for 6 weeks at a time to prepare for the shows.

BREDIA: To get ourselves pumped for each show, we do a group huddle where we chant each other’s names and high five! Plus, Elise is my middle name and Jayna’s!

FAMOUS: How would you describe your personal style?

JAYNA: My style is casual but with a little glitter and glam and a pop of color.

MATT: A little bit of rock, hip hop, and preppy.

BREDIA: Fun and adventurous!

GRANT: Urban, hip hop, and dancewear.

FAMOUS: How many pairs of shoes you own?

GRANT: Ha ha ha! At least 15 pairs! I love shoes…especially boots!

ASHLYNN: Between 12-15. Hard to say as I have been growing out of shoes pretty quickly!

MATT: About 12 but I wear my Nike high tops almost every day!

JAYNA: Probably about 10 right now. When we travel on the tour, I have a whole suitcase just for shoes!

BREDIA: I would have to say at least 5: church shoes, sandals, combat boots, and cute gym shoes.

FAMOUS: What shoe style can’t you live without?

JAYNA: Converse!

MATT: Leather combat boots and Nike high-tops.

ASHLYNN: Definitely combat boots!

GRANT: Cool hip hop high-top sneakers.

FAMOUS: What are your favorite shoes to perform in?

GRANT: My Converse sneakers!

MATT: Definitely my Nike Flights!

BREDIA:  I love to wear combat boots.

ASHLYNN: I guess it depends on what I am doing. I perform in sneakers for the KIDZ BOP shows and I love that!

A huge thanks to all of the KIDZ BOP Kids for this interview; it was a blast. We hope all of your enjoyed it too and are inspired to share with the cool kids in your life!

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