Style Essentials for College Students

Style Essentials for College Students

Going from classes to work and then out on the town, the life of a student is typically busy and full of responsibilities, activities and events. Flexible clothing pieces can help you keep up with your busy lifestyle. While your day is certainly more than one big fashion show, a functional and stylish wardrobe is fun to wear, fuels confidence and can help lead to success. These style essentials for college students will help you stand out on and off campus.

Style Essentials for College Students


A+ Class Style

Since classes take up a large portion of a student’s day, a solid wardrobe of comfortable yet stylish clothing is essential. For the ladies, comfortable jeans, leggings or skirts of any reasonable length are suitable options to wear to class. Pair the bottoms with a top that fits your personality and the season. Try fitted T-shirts, button-downs or sweaters. Guys can go with jeans or khakis and loose-fitting T-shirts, polos and sweaters. Trekking across campus calls for comfortable footwear. Depending on the weather, options for the girls include ballet flats, fashion sneakers, sturdy sandals or low-heeled boots. Athletic footwear pairs well with jeans for the gents — and khakis and loafers are a match made in footwear heaven.

Out on the Town

All studying and no play makes for a dull student life. Even if you don’t hit the dance club, you might meet up with friends for dinner or head out to show or concert. Girls can simply add a dressy top to an already flattering skirt or pair of jeans, while guys can switch out a tired tee for a fitted, button-down shirt. When it comes to your feet, a night out means fun footwear that’s a step up from your everyday look. Ladies can try a pair of pumps in a bright color or a pair of heeled boots. Casual lace-ups or boots can work for the gents.

Career Wear

It’s never too early to think about your future. You’ll need a few professional pieces in your closet so you’re ready for any situation. During college, internships and professional experiences are often part of the curriculum. Other occasions for professional clothing include interviews for scholarships, important class presentations, career fairs and interviews with potential employers. Ladies should invest in a blazer and button-down shirt to anchor a career outfit. A pair of dress pants or a professional-looking skirt that fits well can round out the outfit. Choose a pair of pumps with a low heel to complement your look. Gents can go with a dark suit and a button-down shirt and tie — but a navy blazer and gray dress slacks are fine, too. Dark lace-ups or a dress loafer are good footwear choices for guys who want to make a good impression.

Gear for Changing Seasons

Students spend a great deal of time outdoors while navigating campus, so clothing to help with the transition of seasons is essential. Outerwear helps you stay warm as the temperature drops. In early fall, a heavy sweatshirt, sweater or insulated vest does the trick. Layering clothes also helps you battle the cold. Depending on the climate, you may need a heavy winter coat, hat and gloves to get you through the cold months. Choose a pair of comfortable, insulated boots for snowy winter days. With a few key pieces, both guys and girls can mix and match to stay comfortable outdoors in any weather.