Comfortable Chic Sandals

Comfortable Chic Sandals

Sandals are no longer just for summer. Some of today’s hottest sandals look great out in the cold. Pair opaque tights with sandals when you need to weather the rain or throw on a pair of wedge sandals to balance out a heavy coat. When the sun comes out, your sandals will shine in everything from jewels and buckles to fringe and cutouts. Whether you strap ’em on or slip into them, they must be comfortable. You can leave everything else up to fashion fate.

Comfortable Chic Sandals

Wander About in Wedges

There’s hardly a more comfortable heeled sandal than a wedge. The wedge gives you height but also cushions your step, and wedges can be found in textures ranging from leather and lace to cork and crushed velvet. The peep-toe style makes the wedge a wearable sandal in the summer or fall — simply match your outfit’s material and color to the appropriate wedge height and style. Pair an ankle-strap wedge sandal with a pencil skirt in the boardroom or a foam wedge with a canvas strap when strolling the boardwalk.

Flatter With Flats

The flat sandal is tall on style. Designers today produce flats that are foot-friendly with features like padded footbeds and shock absorption. There are literally hundreds of styles from which to choose — the idea is to buy pairs that are interchangeable with the outfits in your closet. For a modern, color-blocked outfit, try a pair of metallic and suede sandals; when going classic in a pair of ankle pants and a crisp blouse, sport a minimalistic flat featuring a sleek toe strap and sophisticated buckle.

Utilize Utilitarian

Utilitarian or comfort sandals¬†have made their way from shoddy to chic as today’s designers cater to women who won’t compromise comfort. A number of brands feature functional sandals made for walking or working in the yard that show sophistication. The key is to find utilitarian sandals that feature chic details such as hardware, stylish straps and pretty jeweled embellishments. These fashionable details elevate the utilitarian sandal from complacent and comfortable to soothing and fashionably satisfying.

Slip Into Style

Nothing says spring and summer like flip-flop sandals. When you slide your feet into these easy-breezy shoes, being chic is a cinch. The key to looking elegant in slip-ons is finding pairs in tried-and-true textures, like leather and suede, with features such as comfortable foot padding and thick straps to hold your feet in place. Choose a slip-on with serious arch support in a racy color, and you’ll be flying around town in comfort and style. When you need to up the fashion factor, slip into a pair of stacked-heeled sandals, with details such as beading or a plastic vamp.