Fun Family Easter Activities

Fun Family Easter Activities

A Sunday morning visit from the Easter bunny with candy-laden baskets may be the simplest way to ring in Easter with your children, but the holiday is also a great time for fun with the entire family. Toss some exciting games and activities into the mix that kids of all ages — and dad, too — can enjoy. With everything from amped-up egg hunts to week-long guessing games, everyone can have a blast with these family easter activities and love the time they share together.

Fun Family Easter Activities

Get Eggs-tra Artsy

Whether you dip dye, tie-dye or color with markers, Easter egg decorating is one family activity that’s both an age-old tradition and an easy way to express creativity. Take classic egg decorating to the next level by decking out your eggs with everything from felt and stickers to pipe cleaners and feathers. Decorate eggs to look like your kids’ favorite book or TV show characters or create Easter favorites like chicks and bunnies. After everyone has a creation they’re proud of, hold a friendly competition to vote on whose egg is the most original, and reward the winner with an extra treat in their Easter basket.

Put On Your Thinking Cap

An Easter egg hunt gives kids a chance to flex their detective skills to find as many eggs as possible. Challenge their problem-solving skills, too, by turning it into a scavenger hunt, with puzzles and riddles that lead them to a stash of hidden eggs. Make hints simple for young children and have an adult accompany them to help out when needed. Challenge older children with harder puzzles and hints. Stick to hiding eggs around the house or in a place familiar to your children to make it a fun, not stressful, activity. Set a timer and when the hunt is over, the child with the most eggs wins a prize.

Give It a Guess

Perfect for children who are learning how to count, an Easter-treat guessing game is an entertaining way to keep kids excited about Easter for more than just a day. In the week leading up to Easter, fill different-sized jars with Easter treats like jellybeans, chocolate eggs and marshmallow chicks. Place a small basket beside each jar, and let the kids study the jars briefly throughout the week. On Easter morning, have everyone write down a guess for how many treats each jar holds and submit them to the baskets. Count the contents of each treat jar as a family. The person with the closest estimate for each jar wins its contents.

Host an Easter Olympics

Between a big Easter meal and the Easter basket treats, chances are you’ll be indulging a lot on the holiday. Squeeze in a little exercise by hosting your own Easter Olympics — an afternoon filled with amusing games for the whole family. Split your family into two teams, with one adult on each team, and pick four or five competitive games to play against each other. Try egg bowling — where players attempt to roll their own egg closest to a designated egg — or Walk the Egg, a game in which players on each team try to pass an egg from spoon to spoon to another player. Get the giggles going with a game of Pass the Easter Egg, where players tuck an egg under their chin and pass it on to another person, who can only hold the egg between their neck and chin. At the end of the games, award the winning team a special Easter surprise.