Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Easter is a blast for kids of all ages, filled with egg decorating, Easter egg hunts, the Easter bunny and, of course, the beloved Easter basket. Though it’s a breeze to deck out your older kids’ baskets with chocolate, games and toys, it can be harder to come up with candy-free ideas that are both safe and lovable for your toddler. But don’t worry: With these out-of-the-box ideas, your toddler can eat, play, wear and learn their way through the holiday — and love every second of it!

Easter Basket Ideas For Toddlers

Treats to Eat

Treat your toddlers to some tasty snacks that are also healthy by filling their Easter baskets with pouches of fruit snacks, squeezable yogurt and applesauce. Add in a few juice boxes in their favorite flavor, as well as whole fruits like bananas for your younger toddler and apples or oranges for your older toddler. Give them an all-in-one toy and snack with plastic Easter eggs filled with treats like raisins, goldfish crackers and their favorite cereal.

Primed for Play

Toddlers love furry friends, so give them a new buddy to add to their pile with a plush bunny, chick or other Easter-related character. Spice up bath time with new toys, and enchant younger toddlers with gifts that light up or play music. For simple treats that provide hours of playtime, include bubbles, big bouncy balls, large building blocks or Easter-egg–shaped Play-Doh.

Wearable Wonders

With springtime right around the corner, your toddler will need some new warm-weather clothes. Fill their Easter baskets with sunglasses, shorts and sandals for spring, as well as a bathing suit and sunhat for your summer trip to the beach. Add a fun twist to classic items like socks and pajamas by opting for versions with playful patterns or your child’s favorite book or TV characters. Include a monogrammed blanket for a personal touch, and throw in a pair of cute bunny ears for them to wear around the house on Easter.

Easy Education

Combine work and play with an Easter basket full of games and toys that will entertain your toddler and teach them at the same time. From small instruments and puzzles to picture and touch-and-learn books, kids will love learning and playing with these Easter gifts. You can also teach your toddler about the story of Easter with books and movies, or let them create Easter-related images with a coloring book and crayons.