Tips For Taking Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

Tips For Taking Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring

Once you spot the first flowers of spring peeking out of the still-cold ground and hear the songs of birds returning from their winter retreats, it’s tempting to retire your winter wardrobe in favor of lightweight spring clothing. But not so fast. As winter transitions into spring, the unpredictable weather can still put a chill in the air. Ease your wardrobe into spring by mixing your seasons into a wonderful fashion blend.

Tips For Taking Your Wardrobe From Winter To Spring


Layering Is Key

The weather might be unpredictable, but one thing is for certain: the morning and evening air will be nippy, with warmer afternoons. Dressing in easy layers makes it simple to stay comfortable when the temperature fluctuates. Top a light spring top with a woolen sweater vest. Layer a spring skirt over a pair of thick tights and ankle boots. Slip a turtleneck underneath a cheerfully printed cotton blouse or jumper. Squeeze into your favorite skinny jeans and tee shirt, then top them with your long, puffy down coat.

Work Your Accessories

Use accessories to liven up a winter look, or add warmth to lighter spring style. Instead of your heavy woolen scarf and beanie, add panache with a silk or cotton scarf and a jauntily angled beret. Replace tall, neutral-toned leather boots with pull-on ankle boots in a bright suede. Or go vice versa, and float a spring dress over tights and a pair of fleece-lined, heavy suede boots. Use your winter vests for cozy warmth over light spring tops.

Play With Color

Winter tends to be a season of neutrals, darks and subdued patterns. As the weather slips into spring, start to replace some of your neutral or dark pieces with the happier colors of sunlight. Instead of black tights with your sweater dress and ankle boots, choose a pastel. Put away your neutral gloves, hats and scarves in favor of brighter hues. Button up a floral print, polka dot or striped top in your favorite colors. Try a pair of retro-bright jeans instead of black or brown pants.

Combine Textures

Your winter wardrobe is probably filled with heavy wool, fleece, down and thick cottons. Those are cozy when a chilly wind blows, but as the weather slides into spring, it’s time to lighten up. Try a silk or lightweight cotton blouse instead of a turtleneck. Put on a breezy spring skirt instead of corduroy pants, but prevent chills with a pair of tights and medium-heeled boots. Replace your down coat with a leather or heavy denim jacket. Instead of a wool sweater, reach for a cotton cardigan or slouchy sweater.