St. Patrick's Day Activities For Kids

St. Patrick's Day Activities For Kids

Shiver me timbers, parents! It’s that time of year again where dipping into your pot of activity ideas gives your little leprechauns a festive St. Patrick’s Day. Everything from visual art activities to critical thinking skills can be cooked up in a way that makes math and English just as satisfying as eating a clover cupcake. Fun, engaging St. Patrick’s Day activities will keep the kids busy counting their coins — and their blessings — the whole day through.

st. patricks day smoothie

Create a Craft

Kids can easily create a dancing leprechaun from a computer printable. Punch holes near the arm and leg joints and at the top of the head. Then, apply brass paper connectors in the holes. Next, thread a string through the arm holes and another string through the leg holes. Add a string to the top of the head, and then tie a thread to the middle of each string. Pull the top string, and the leprechaun entertains with a little Irish jig. Or have kids create a kissable Blarney stone. Hunt for a stone to paint green, and then create a cute face using stickers, markers, glue, glitter and other small craft materials.

Make Green Grub

Start off the day saying “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!” Put out bagels, then have the kids add green-dye to their cream cheese. Or have everyone blend up a super nutritious, equally delicious green smoothie made with sweet almond butter, grapes, spinach and banana. For dessert, make a shamrock cupcake using white whipped frosting and green dye. Add a St. Patty’s Day cupcake liner for an additional sweet treat. When dinner rolls around, watch your kiddos do a little river dance after they take turns mixing a hearty bowl of green mashed potatoes that’ll go with your corned-beef creation.

Add Some Education

The quickest way to get those critical-thinking skills in play is to give your children a St. Patrick’s Day-themed word search. Find St. Patty printables online, or create your own so you can add personal information, such as their names or funny family sayings, in the search. You can also keep your little ones busy adding and subtracting shamrocks or matching pictures to words, while your older leprechauns can get to work putting Irish terms into alphabetical order.

Play Lucky Games

Your kids can try their hands at pinning the pot of gold on the rainbow or pinning the hat on the leprechaun. Or get some of their friends together for an old-fashioned game of hot potato. Make sure to put some Irish music on, and let the loser leprechauns be the next to stop the tunes. The lucky winner scores a bag of gold chocolate coins (sharing optional). You can also set your older kids loose on a gold-coin hunt while your little ones parade around trying to help. Get mischievous and stash the coins in hard-to-reach places.