Spring Garden Party Ideas

Spring Garden Party Ideas

The chirping birds and fluttering butterflies signal spring — and what better time to host a garden party. A traditional garden party brings to mind an elegant affair, but you can lighten up the atmosphere and host a totally chill soiree. Tune into the garden theme for inspiration on everything from invitations and decorations to party activities.

Spring Garden Party Ideas

Share the News

Your invitations give you the first chance to share the garden theme with your guests. Instead of going with a stock fill-in-the-blank invitation, craft your own garden-themed invites. A flower cut from bright paper does the trick. Write all the information necessary — time, date and location — around the petals of the paper flowers. Another option is to entice your guests with a packet of seeds. Print the party details on a separate piece of paper and attach it to the back of the seed packet.

Set the Stage

The garden itself provides the natural decor for the party, but the space may need a little maintenance. If your garden includes tulips and other early bloomers, you already have color. Weed the garden space so it looks clean and neat. A new layer of mulch also helps with the look. If your flowers aren’t yet in bloom, consider potted plants from a nursery. They spruce up the outdoor space and give you a jump start on your gardening. Small potted plants also work as a parting gift for the guests. You’ll also need tables or seating for your guests. Borrow outdoor furniture from the neighbors if you need more, or move small pieces of furniture from inside your home outdoors just for the party.

Let Them Eat Cake

Any successful party includes a lip-smacking menu. Since the party takes place outdoors in a garden setting, choose foods that hold up well outdoors. If you choose dishes that spoil easily, such as cold salads, set them on a bowl of ice. Tea sandwiches and small cups of salad work well with a garden-party theme, as do platters of cut-up fresh veggies and dips. End the outdoor party on a sweet note with finger-food desserts, such as cookies, pastries and cupcakes.

Line Up the Entertainment

Enjoying the garden setting and conversation is enough to keep your guests content, but extra activities keep the party going. Stick with the garden theme by swapping seeds or plants. Ask each guest to bring a divided plant or packets of seeds to share. Painting flower pots or making floral arrangements adds a creative touch to the party schedule and leaves the guests with a custom party favor to take home.