How To Pick Men's Dress Shoes

How To Pick Men's Dress Shoes

Whether you’re wearing them to work, for a special occasion or just out to dinner, every guy wants a dress shoe that looks stylish, high quality and on trend. If you don’t know what to look for in men’s dress shoes; however, it can be tough to pick out the best pair. But all you need to remember are a few simple tips for finding well-fitting premium shoes in the right color, style and material.

How To Pick Men's Dress Shoes

Nail the Shape and Color

The quickest way to look stylish in your dress shoes is to pick a pair that’s slim and rounded at the toe. Avoid men’s dress shoes that are too pointed or squared off since these can look over-the-top or outdated. When it comes to color, stick with either black or brown. The former is more formal and works with nearly any color suit. Brown dress shoes are slightly more casual and look great with navy and charcoal suits, as well as with denim or khakis.

Pick the Appropriate Style

A lace-up oxford should be your go-to style when you’re looking for a multipurpose shoe that works for any dressy occasion. Cap-toe shoes are a great fit for formal occasions and are appropriate with business suits and tuxedos. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, try wingtip oxfords, but pick a pair that isn’t too detailed or ostentatious. For business-casual settings, opt for a pair of plain-toe shoes or leather loafers.

Look for Leather

Though dress shoes come in a variety of materials, it’s best to look for leather shoes and soles if you want a pair that lasts. Try a leather with a glossy finish for the most formal style or go for a more matte option if you want a more subtle look. If you’re a bit less traditional and want to wear your dress shoes in less formal situations, buy dress shoes made from worn-in leather or suede.

Find the Right Fit

Whether you wear them all day, every day or just on special occasions, choosing a dress shoe that fits well is essential for looking and feeling great. Always try the shoes on in the store because each brand and style can vary in size. Try on both shoes and give them a test run in the store to make sure they’re comfortable. The shoes should be loose enough at the heel to slip a finger into the back and have enough room down front so that your toes can move comfortably.

Invest in Quality

It might be tough to cough up the cash up front, but if you can afford it, invest in a pair of high-quality dress shoes. They’ll last for years and you won’t have to replace them as often as cheaper versions, which saves you money and hassle in the long run. To be sure you’re getting a well-made pair, look for soles that are stitched on, rather than glued, and check to see that the stitching is neat and barely noticeable.