Easy Easter Decorations

Easy Easter Decorations

From cotton-ball bunnies to plants in bloom, if you celebrate Easter, you’re likely to enjoy some home decorations that reflect the holiday. Even if you’re still burned out from decorating for Christmas, keep in mind that Easter is easy when it comes to decor. All you need is a little creativity and maybe a few craft supplies to bring the Easter season to life for your family. Here are some of our favorite ideas for easy Easter decorations.

Eggstra Special Easter Eggs

Colored Easter eggs are the perfect touch to holiday tables, centerpieces, or on a moss-covered mantle. To create eggs that you don’t need to refrigerate, use a long needle to pierce two holes at each end of an egg. Make the bottom hole slightly larger than the top. Break up the yolk with the needle, and then blow the liquid out the larger hole. Run the egg under running water to be sure to flush out the egg completely. Once your eggs are clean, color them using food coloring or an egg-decorating kit. You can then glue on small fabric flowers, bows or sequins.

Easy Easter Decorations
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Bring the Outside In

Celebrate the bounty of spring with living plants as decorations that will brighten up your home long after the Easter holiday passes. Scatter pots of cheerful tulips, lilies and hyacinths throughout your home. If you prefer low-maintenance plants, nurture pots of spring grass and tuck Easter eggs or stuffed bunnies among the blades. Or, if your thumbs are anything but green, feel free to go with no-maintenance options. Arrange just branches in your pots, using river rocks to keep them stable. Then hang Easter eggs from the branches for a festive touch. Involve kids in the project by letting them paint the pots first with tempera paints, or give little ones plastic pots to decorate with Easter stickers.

Signs, Banners and Wreaths

Decorations that you hang on the walls rarely need dusting, plus they’re out of the way of roughhousing kids — two big pros in most households. Make Easter banners by cutting egg or bunny shapes from pieces of pastel paper — and then writing one letter of “Happy Easter” on each one. Finally, string them all onto colorful ribbon to hang on the wall. Or, create a reusable Easter message board by gluing fabric flowers around the border of a small chalkboard — and hang it with ribbon from the wall. Add an Easter message or drawing, letting even your household’s youngest artists take turns drawing pictures with pastel chalk. Another option is an Easter wreath, which can work everywhere from the front door to the bathroom wall. Buy a wreath made from twig branches from a craft store and glue on wooden letters to spell out “Happy Easter.” Then attach some colorful silk flowers or go with a more fun, animal theme and use small stuffed bunnies and chicks.

Kids in Charge

The Easter decorations that require heavy pots or hot glue are all your territory, although the little ones can assist you in some ways. But to make Easter decor that you’ll cherish forever, put the kids in charge — and act as their assistant. Set them up with paper plates, cotton balls and other craft supplies and help them create fuzzy bunnies. Or, buy small plastic pails that kids can decorate with Easter stickers. Use the pails as centerpieces — until the Easter Bunny arrives to fill them with goodies. Another idea is to let the little ones decorate a table runner by making handprints with fabric paints. Teach them how to turn handprints into bunnies by holding their fingers in a “V” shape to make two ears.