Easter Party Ideas

Easter Party Ideas

Whether you’re hosting an intimate family dinner or are planning a huge soiree for your extended clan, celebrate Easter with a party that will have your guests hopping with merriment. From traditional egg hunts to holiday-themed crafts, fun and creative Easter party ideas give your guests a chance to celebrate the holiday and welcome spring with family and friends.

Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter party is complete without an Easter egg hunt. There are many ways to spin the egg-hunt tradition so that it’s fun for all ages. If young children will be in attendance, use plastic eggs and assign each child a certain egg color to find. Fill the eggs with trinkets, stickers, candy or coins or award a prize based on how many eggs they find. Older children and adults may find it fun to conduct the egg hunt at dusk, using flashlights. No matter which route you choose, you’ll need to keep track of how many eggs you hide — and where you hid them.

Dyed easter eggs
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Egg-Decorating Contest

An egg-decorating contest entertains kids and adults alike. Provide your guests with hard-boiled eggs, egg dye, stickers and other embellishments and let them have fun. Award prizes to the best-decorated eggs in each age group — adults included. If you prefer, you can eliminate the competition aspect and just enjoy the fun of decorating the eggs.

Egg-tastic Games

Include a few games at your party to provide plenty of fun for your guests. Depending on how messy you and your guests are willing to be, arrange an egg toss, which involves tossing a raw or hard-boiled egg from person to person until it breaks. In an egg race, contestants carry hard-boiled eggs from a starting line to an Easter basket, using a plastic spoon. The first one to successfully complete the mission without breaking any eggs wins the race.

Easter Party Ideas
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Craft and Coloring Station

Setting up a craft and coloring station can keep little ones busy throughout the party. Search the Internet for printable coloring pages that feature Easter themes, set out some crayons, and let kids color at their leisure. If older kids will be present, arrange the supplies for a few simple crafts, such as an Easter bunny or Easter chick mask, bunny ears, Easter jewelry or cardboard egg holders. Serving some festive carrot juice will keep them energized during their craft and coloring fun.