Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Lacy hearts and boxes of chocolate abound on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have to stick with the traditional flowers-and-dinner routine to make this year special. Being creative with your Valentine’s Day date makes it a celebration of your interests and your journey as a couple. Let your partner and the love you share inspire your plans for a memorable celebration.

Rethink Dinner

The plot of nearly every romantic story tells you a candlelit dinner at a swanky restaurant is the place to be on Valentine’s Day. That reservation at your favorite eatery could mean a long wait, a dress code and getting close with all the other restaurant patrons. If you want to shake up your dinner plans this Valentine’s Day, try something different. Cook your partner their favorite meal at home, complete with candles and romantic music, after the kids go to bed. Challenge them to a cook-off using aphrodisiac foods, such as oysters or chocolate. If you live in a warm climate, assemble a romantic picnic. For those who live in cold areas, check with a local indoor garden to see if a picnic is an option.

Work Up a Sweat

Nothing says love like a friendly competition. Challenge your sweetheart to a round of bowling or laser tag. If the ground is snowy, act like kids again and go sledding on Valentine’s Day. Check out a local ice rink so you can hold hands as you skate together. Being active keeps your hearts healthy on a day that focuses on love. Choose active ventures that match your interests.

Share the Love

Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on couples, but spreading love to the community is a rewarding and different way to spend the holiday. Volunteering with your partner gives you a shared experience that can bring you closer. You get the added feel-good bonus that comes with donating your time and energy. Choose a cause that touches your lives. Bake Valentine’s cookies for the staff at the labor and delivery unit where your child was born. Give animals at a local shelter some Valentine’s Day love. Cook and serve Valentine’s dinner at a local shelter.

Hit the Road

Who says your Valentine’s date has to last only one day? A vacation for two gives you the ultimate way to connect with your partner without the distractions of everyday life. A beach vacation gives you an escape from the cold, February weather. If you don’t have time for a full vacation, plan a short getaway to a spot within driving distance. Even one night away from home at a local hotel gives you a chance to reconnect with your partner.

Make It a Family Affair

When you have kids, getting away — even just for dinner — is often a challenge. Babysitters are difficult to find on holidays. Instead of leaving the kids at home, make them part of the Valentine’s Day celebration. After all, your kids are the product of your relationship. Let the kids help make a heart-themed Valentine’s dinner or Valentine crafts. Plan a family outing to a favorite museum or zoo. This way, you can spend the day with everyone you love.