Sweet Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas

Sweet Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas

Sweet Valentine's Day Recipe Ideas


Get passionate about cooking for your family on Valentine’s Day so your kids will be sweet the whole day through. The truth is that at the heart of your cooking is a whole lot of love — and it’s sure to shine bright whether you’re cooking breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. If everyone is sitting down together for the meal, that’s lovely, but if it’s a work and school day, you can still spread the love by giving them a sweet meal — with a kiss — as they walk out the door.

Bring on Breakfast

Cut English muffins into a heart shape using a cookie cutter, and then toast as usual. Place the muffins in a red-and-white checkered basket and add sweet raspberry or strawberry jelly on the side. Let your kids put a dollop of sweet cream on top. You’ll surely feel the love all day if you make your family chocolate waffles topped with fresh strawberries and sweet cream. If you’re pinched for time, make a red smoothie by blending raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with honey, yogurt, orange juice and ice. The result is a sweet yet heart-healthy breakfast that they’ll love.

Sample Some Snacks

Make a red velvet cheesecake featuring red and white swirls on top. Serve it up with some red wine for your hubby or a sweet Shirley Temple drink for your kids, or dip some strawberries in melted chocolate and decorate the tops with red and white sprinkles. Show your clan how much you love them with sweet gelatin kisses. Use a baking sheet with at least a 1-inch edge and pour red gelatin into the pan. After it cools, use a lip-shaped cookie cutter to create little gelatin lips. Add some white icing for definition and added sweetness.

Put Love Into Lunch

If Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, make the whole family a delicious batch of tomato soup. Be a sweet mom and crunch up some croutons for the top. For school lunches, make jelly sandwiches on white bread shaped in hearts from a cookie cutter. Add some peanut butter if the jelly alone is a tad too sweet. You can also sweeten up a turkey sandwich by adding some cranberry relish to a dinner roll. If meatloaf is left over from last night, put a slice on a sweet-tasting roll and add plenty of ketchup.

Delight in Dinner

Cook a fillet steak and add a thick, red wine sauce underneath. This sweet sauce is easily made with wine, butter and the pan juices. Swap out the red wine with ketchup and your little ones will love it even more. In addition, spaghetti with a sweet tomato sauce or pork chops with cranberry-maple pan sauce will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth during dinner. If you really want to show them the love, make lobster with butter sauce for dipping.