Outfit Ideas For St. Patrick's Day

Outfit Ideas For St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is known as one of the luckiest days of the year, and you don’t have to be Irish to join the festivities during the holiday. While cheering on a parade filled with pots of gold and leprechauns or while sipping green beverages with friends and family, show off your Irish side with decorative attire to “go green” with your Irish friends.

Lucky Chucks For St. Patrick's Day

Over-the-Top Lucky

Show off your luck this St. Patrick’s Day with an over-the-top costume that will be the hit of the party. Be the lucky leprechaun with a green top hat, green knickers and a green overcoat. Add some green tights and pointy green shoes and your outfit for the holiday parade will be complete. Don’t forget to add some lucky beads or bring along your pot of gold to spread good cheer.

The Green Giant

No need to cower down if height is on your side. Take advantage of the extra inches you possess by dressing as a green giant for St. Patrick’s Day. Put on a long-sleeved green shirt, step into green tights and assemble a toga of green-painted leaves as an over-the-shoulder skirt.

Complete With Kilt

Even Scots enjoy St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Show off your heritage with a costume complete with a kilt as you sling back green beverages. With a long-sleeved white shirt, plaid skirt or kilt, knee socks and a plaid sash, show your support for the luck of the Irish.

Four-Leaf Clover Attire

Hit the jackpot by including four-leaf clovers in your casual wear during the holiday. Sew or pin festive clover decals onto your clothing to display your luck. Dress up your face with a hand-painted green clover on each cheek. Accent the stylish decorations with a green feather boa around your neck.

Green Accents

If your closet doesn’t overflow with green attire, take a subtle approach to the holiday this year by incorporating a few green accents to your outfit. From a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” T-shirt to a pair of green sneakers, you can show off your lucky side while still maintaining your chic, casual style. Add additional splashes of green to your outfit by accessorizing with green bracelets and earrings or a green-accented necklace to decrease your chances of being pinched.